Eagle Scout project benefits Hall
The City of Cottonwood was lucky this year to have been chosen by Kade Perrin for his Eagle Scout project. To receive an Eagle Scout award you have to present your plans to a committee and show them that you are able to lead a group of volunteers in many different aspects of the project in addition to putting in 40 hours toward the project completion.   
Kade was very diligent in work as he presented a plan for his project, listened to ideas, revised his project plans and then followed through. So I hope that you have noticed the landscaping that was done in front of the Community hall, by Kade. He made an extra landing area outside the side door and added a little color with some shrubs and a tree. Kade also planted some shrubs behind the railing that should help keep the snow from drifting in during the winter months. Kade had to come up with not only the plan but the money and the workers to finish this project, so the next time you see him please make sure and thank him for his hard work and his dedication to both the City of Cottonwood and the boy scouts. 

Kade Perrin planned and completed the landscaping work above at the Cottonwood Community Hall for his Eagle Scout project. Photo provided by Shelli Schumacher.

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