Community Choir concert set for Dec. 12
If you were driving at night in Cottonwood for the last several nights, you realize that Christmas cannot be far away. The Cottonwood   Com-munity Choir is inviting  you to add their performance to your schedule. We have been practicing for the last several weeks and look forward to singing for you again.
The Annual Christmas Concert by the Cottonwood Choir will be presented this year on Sunday December 12.   It will be at the Monastery of St Gertrude's chapel at 2:30 pm. This will be the only performance this year. The members of this choir have been singing this concert for 28 years and look forward to being a part of your celebration again this year.   The choir is made up of members from Cottonwood, Ferdinand, Greencreek, Grangeville and Craigmont.
Kathleen Jenny/Stubbers is the director and the piano accompaniment is played by Eloise Riener.   Other musical instruments will add to the beauty of the music as well.   As is the custom, the last practice will be sung at the NICI gymnasium. The choir members look forward to doing this and are always well received.

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