Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Dear Editor. 
I wanted to let everyone know that Bernadine Bruegeman celebrated her 99th birthday on Nov.18th. A party for her was given in her honor on Nov. 20th. She sure enjoyed all the cards from everyone. 
Thank you for putting this in the Chronicle. I enjoy reading it every week. 
Yours truly, 
Delories Berg

To the Editor,
Does this bring any memories for you? It did for me.
Shorty Arnzen
                  First Dance
I danced with another woman tonight.
My wife didnít seem to mind.
We took to the floor like a pair of swans 
That fate forever entwined.
Leaving our wake through dancers who flowed
Like notes in search of a song
We tested our two step, tried out a waltz
And laughed when something went wrong!
I led and she followed, trusting each step,
Spurred by the beat of the band
Like birds taking wing the very first time,
It helps to hold someoneís hand.
Although I had known this woman before
Iíd though of her as a child
But there on the dance floor, arm Ďround her waist,
I found my heart was beguiled.
For her a window had opened. I was there,
Iím eternally glad.
The rest of my life Iíll remember
The first night she danced with her dad.
Written by Baxter Black

Dear Editor,
Now is the time for leaders to stand up and address our burgeoning national debt.  Idaho has such a leader in Senator Mike Crapo, who has made the bold step to support the current proposal by the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.  The measure seeks the first comprehensive pathway to a fiscally responsible future for America.  Is it perfect?  No. Is it incredibly important for securing our childrenís and grandchildrenís economic and peaceful well-being?   Absolutely!
I urge Idaho to stand behind Senator Crapo and all who work to reduce the federal deficit and secure future economic opportunities for our country.
Brad Little
Idaho Lieutenant Governor

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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