This is recycling weekend
Recycle in Fenn on Saturday, December 18 or at Kooskia Park on Sunday December 19. Recycling on both days is from 9A.M to 3 P.M. The Clearwater Valley site is located on 4th Avenue in Kooskia near the City Park. 
To make it more convenient for our patrons we are offering to recycle cardboard at Cash and Carry Grocery Store in Grangeville between 6:00 and 7:00 on Wednesdays (Please flatten all large boxes).  The Wednesday night hours will continue only through December.   Businesses will still be able to use the compactor anytime with our subscription service by contacting Janie Fluharty at 983-2843.
Please help the site volunteers by flattening your plastic. Plastic bottles that have openings that are smaller than the bottom are accepted. Please remove and discard all lids and remove labels from metal cans. All cans and plastic should be rinsed before bringing them to the recycle sites.
Idaho County Recycle Program took in a total of 43,509 pounds in November; overall, some 400 households and businesses brought in recyclables!
ICR would like to thank everyone who has helped to make our program a success. 

Christmas Cardboard Recycling in Grangeville
On December 26, 2010 Idaho County Recycle will offer patrons the opportunity to recycle cardboard from the Christmas Holiday.  The cardboard recycle will take place at the Cash and Carry Grocery Store from 1-3 P.M on Sunday December 26.  
Patrons are encouraged to bring their cardboard during those hours.  Absolutely no string, ribbon, tissue paper or wrapping paper is allowed.  Please sort and flatten your cardboard before bringing it to the site.

Letter to the Editor
Thank you citizens and businesses for your continued support of Idaho County Recycling (ICR).  Because of your dedication, collecting, sorting,  transporting, and financial support over 220 tons have been diverted from the land fill to be reused. And, a solid base has been established to build a more convenient, permanent, sustainable program at zero cost to the county. 
Here is a brief answer to your questions, “what can we recycle and how do we sort”. 
Aluminum and Tin cans – rinse and remove labels from tin cans – No loose lids
Cardboard— including egg cartons cereal boxes, towel rolls, brown paper, no packing or strings
Paper—news papers, magazines, catalogs, slick junk mail NO GIFT WRAP, TISSUE PAPER, OR RIBBON
Office quality paper, student papers, junk mail, envelopes (all colors) etc.
Plastic bottles –opening (top) smaller than bottom, no lids, rinsed, flattened,. No chemicals or flammable materials
Bring your materials to Fenn on Saturday the 18th or to Kooskia on Sunday the 19th, 9:00 to 3:00.  For more information go to  recycling link or call 983-2843.
Recycle your after Christmas Cardboard!  Come to Cash and Carry Grocery in Grangeville on Dec. 26th between 1:00 and 3:00. Please remove all packing, gift wrap, and strings and flatten large boxes.   
I have been amazed watching the community join together for this worthwhile effort ..
Your efforts are appreciated. 
Janie Fluharty

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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