Prairie ROCKS! gears up for 2011
As the Christmas season draws to a close it is an opportune time to reflect on the great treasure of Emmanuel: “Christ with us.”  Perhaps this reflection brings to mind a specific incident when you know Christ was working in your life and drawing you closer to him.  Please consider volunteering to speak with the high school release time students about your experience.  This is part of the Prairie ROCKS portion of the Prairie Faith Formation Program (PFFP) at the high school level. 
 During the first semester of the school year many generous members of our community have visited the classroom to share their story with the students.  We have heard from Tara Klapprich, Annmarie Schwartz, Toni Shears, Patti Watson, Alexa Prigge and Julie Sonnen.
On Monday, January 3,  Dominic Bruno, Joanna Davis, Dustin Lustig and Margaret Yalbew joined our class to share their experiences of attending Catholic Universities.  Dominic and Joanna have graduated from college and have chosen to work for Catholic organizations.  All four speakers explained to the students that being “on fire” for God and the faith is a fun and exciting and extremely fulfilling way of approaching all aspects of life.
On the day following our speakers’ visit, the students had a variety of great answers when posed the question: How would you define holiness.  Their answers varied from “Attending mass and adoration” to “Working to develop the gifts God has given you” to “Having fun, living life with joy.”
The students are encouraged to live their lives as dynamic Catholics.  Inspirational speaker and author, Matthew Kelly, writes, “Now is your time.  Whether you are sixteen or sixty, the rest of your life is ahead of you.  You cannot change one moment of your past, but you can change your whole future.  Do not say you are too old.  Do not say you are too young.  NOW is the time to live with passion and purpose!  Now is our time to inspire people to rediscover Catholicism.  Now is our time to bring spiritual vitality to the Church.” 
Thank you to our four young speakers for being a shining example for our PFFP students.  If you would like more information on volunteering to speak with the students about your life experiences, please contact Leah Prigge at 208-962-2357.

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