Youth Ministry active in January
Dear Youth in Christ,
As we continue to embrace the beauty of the winter season, we invite you to join us in our January youth activities as we journey in prayer, worship, service, education, play food and fun!
On Jan. 5 the Theology of the Body small group will meet at the OMG at 6:30 for pizza and a social. At 7:30 our group session will begin with a focus on marriage. Our guest speakers will be Theresa and Vic Lustig. All High School youth are invited. 
On Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. the High School and Jr. High youth are invited to the OMG for a movie and donuts. At 10:00 we will spend an hour in adoration and prayer at St. Mary’s Church. This is a great time to adore and worship the Christ child during the special time of the year. “Oh come let us adore him, Christ the Lord!”
On Jan. 10 the Confirmation Prep class will meet at the High School Faith Formation building at 7 p.m. Please bring your folders, journals and assignments.
On Wed., Jan. 12 the Peer Ministers will meet to plan the monthly REACH session. All Peer Ministers are asked to attend and bring ideas. If you are in High School and want to help plan faith session for the Jr. High and High School youth, please come to our planning session. We would love to see you!
On Jan. 19th the REACH session for the Jr. High and High School youth will be hosted by the Peer Ministers at the OMG at 7 p.m. All Peer Ministers need to be present at 6:15 p.m.
On Jan. 24 the Confirmation Prep class will meet at the High School Faith Formation building at 7 p.m. Please bring your folders, assignment and journals.
Our monthly social will be on Sunday, Jan. 30. We will meet at St. Mary’s Church parking lot at 12:30 to go to the Grangeville sledding hill. All Jr. High, High School and adults are invited to this afternoon of fun and craziness in the snow. (You will need permission slips signed prior to the event so please pick them up at the church office or call Debbie.)
Please note: Any Jr. High or High School youth who is planning to attend the rally in Coeur d’Alene on Feb. 5-6 will need to pick up a registration form prior to the date. You may get them from the church office, Release Time or Debbie. Please bring your money and signed form with you on the 5th. I just need it in my hand prior to our departure. Please call Debbie if you have any questions: work-962-3214 or 208-553-5837. Also if you are a parent and you would like to drive, we could really use your help!
Every season has its beauty. Let’s join in community to create a family of faith that reflects this beauty and demonstrates the face of Christian love. We look forward to seeing you and all that God can do through your eyes!
In the faith of Christ,
Debbie Chicane
Tri-Parish Youth Minister

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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