Cottonwood City Council meets
The Cottonwood City Council held their first meeting of 2011 Monday, January 10 with some concerns about water loss.
In the water report for the past month 2.59 million gallons were pumped with 2.05 million gallons sold for a loss rate of about 21%. City Clerk Carol Altman stated some of that may be from the leak on the 12” main from well #5 that was fixed last month with some of that leakage running across the meter-reading dates. Mayor Denis Duman noted it appears to be a consistent 500,000 gallon loss each month. In the annual report they had 6% higher leakage in 2010 than in 2009. Much of that can be explained by the use of unmetered water in the Lewiston Street project. City public works supervisor Roy Uhlenkott said the leakage has been a concern of his and he is working to stay on top of it.
In his report, water commissioner Shaun Riener also noted he has been discussing some possible projects for 2011 with Uhlenkott but at this time didn’t want to report on any specifics.
There was nothing to report from either the sewer or street departments.
Shelli Schumacher noted they will start work soon on making the lower level restrooms handicapped accessible.
Ron Grant reported they had 2 fire calls this past month. One was a rural call on East Road where an outbuilding was fully engulfed. About all they could do on that one was protect other nearby structures. The other call was an extrication on a 2-vehicle accident at the 4 corners on Graves Creek Road.
Donna Wassmuth and Laurine Nightingale from Prairie Community Library were in attendance with a couple concerns. They want to mount their Internet router in one of the upstairs windows to get better line-of-sight access. The council saw no problem with that. The other concern was the elevator. Apparently a couple using the lift got to the bottom and the door wouldn’t open. The alarm cannot be heard inside the library and Altman said she cannot hear it when the clerk’s office window is closed. Schumacher suggested adding something like a doorbell inside the library or clerk’s office connected to the alarm. Grant suggested putting one both places. It’s also possible they were not all the way to the bottom as the door will not open if it is not all the way down. Schumacher suggested putting a sign inside the elevator noting that if you are at the bottom and the door won’t open to hold the down button again to make sure you’re all the way down.
Resolution 2011-1 was read and approved. It sets the utility connection fee at $200. $100 of that is for water, $50 for sewer and $50 for garbage.
After passing that resolution Grant asked if they had followed up on the out of town water connections discussed at the December meeting. Mayor Duman said he would take care of that.
Alcohol beverage permits were approved for the Mini-Village, Riener’s Grocery and Cottonwood Foods. They have yet to receive applications from the other businesses selling alcoholic beverages.
The meeting adjourned at 7:56 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, February 14 at 7 p.m.

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