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First fix breakfast, then drop the kids at school, then go to work, run errands on lunch hour, go home, clean house, do laundry, fix dinner, go to Susie’s volleyball game, then fall into bed.  Most women these days have full schedules with very little time left for themselves.  St. Mary’s and Clearwater Valley Hospitals and Clinics recognize this and are hoping to help by offering monthly Women’s Health Days at four of their clinics.
“During our special days women can see a provider for a female wellness exam and have their mammogram on the same day,” said Jeanette Gorman, CVHC/SMHC Community Relations Coordinator.  “In the past, typically women would come in for their exam and be referred to our mobile mammography service at a later date which meant two visits.  If women make an appointment for one of our Women’s Health Days they can have both done at the same appointment, as well as a bone mineral density scan at our Orofino or Cottonwood clinic. We’re trying to make it easier for women so they don’t ignore their own health.”
In conjunction with St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center’s mobile mammography services, Women’s Health Day will be offered in Orofino on the first Wednesday of the month; in Kamiah on the second Wednesday; at Grangeville the third Wednesday and at Cottonwood on the fourth Wednesday of every month
According to Gorman, one or more healthcare providers is scheduled for those days, but women can make an appointment for any time with any provider.  “As always, insurance companies or other payors will be billed or patients may talk with a financial counselor about other options for payment,” said Gorman.  “Women who qualify through our current Komen for the Cure grant may also take advantage of the Women’s Health Days.”
Not all women who have an annual wellness exam are candidates for a mammogram.  Their healthcare provider will discuss when and how often a woman should have a mammogram, said Gorman.
Appointments can be made through each of the clinics.

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