Whatsoever Things Are True
by Dan Coburn
Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church
“It is I that talketh with thee.”   John chapter 9 is the story of an adult man who had been blind from birth, and who’s sight was restored/granted by Jesus. It is also a story of the religious leaders of the day (the pharisees) and their reaction to all of this. They were the keepers of the law, the prophets, and miracles; or so they thought. 
Everything about Jesus was a threat to their power, so rather than congratulate this man on his new found sight, they drug him to court (Sanhedrin) where he was interrogated - perhaps to reveal holes in his story. Maybe he had been faking blindness so he could beg on the streets. Maybe he had only become blind recently as the result of some accident. Perhaps he was a plant. They even questioned his parents hoping they would contradict him.  When they couldn’t find fault with the happening, they attacked the power behind it. Then they attached the character of the man. Then they ex-communicated him, with all that entails socially. Attack, attack, attack.  The man was at a real low. “You’ll never work in this town.”  What would he do.  
Let’s turn the Spiritual Switch.  It is here that Jesus comes along side the man (at his lowest point) and asks: “Dost thou believe on the Son of God?” vs 35. 
Nugget:   Do you ever ask that of others?  Have you been asked that question?   What is your response? Does your heart well up with love and gratitude - or do you get angry and defensive?  What might Jesus’ motive be for asking this of the man?  Was it a test - or an opportunity for confirmation?  Did Jesus just run across the man or had He sought him out?  If you read the preceding verses it is clear the man believed, even to his own harm arguing with the local Church powers. So why the question?  In vs 36 the man asks: “Who is He?”   Remember, the man had never seen Jesus. The Lord had made clay, anointed his eyes, and sent him to wash. Only then did he receive his sight. Now however, the Christ was right in front of him, and replied: “It is he that talketh with thee” - vs 37.  
Application: Jesus is often nearer the souls that seek Him than they are aware of. In times of doubt, Christians often cry out: “Where are you Lord?” - fearing they have been cast out from His sight, when in fact: “It is I that talketh with thee”.   It’s noteworthy what the man didn’t do here. He didn’t ask any questions of the Lord like: “Why didn’t you hang around? Why didn’t you defend me before the authorities?  Why did I have to spend all of my life blind?  Why this or that?  Instead, he professed his faith on God’s terms, paid homage, gave honor, didn’t demand an explanation or make any excuses, in short – Worshiped.  Are you still waiting for God to explain Himself?  God Bless. 

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