Meza receives AHA award
The American Hospital Association recently presented Casey Meza, CEO, St. Mary’s and Clearwater Valley Hospitals aJohn Supplitt, Senior Director, American Hospital Association, presents the Shirley Ann Munroe Award to Casey Meza, CEO, Clearwater Valley and St. Mary’s Hospitals and Clinics, at the AHA 24th Annual Rural Health Care Leadership Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. nd Clinics, the Shirley Ann Munroe Award at their 24th Annual Rural Health Care Leadership Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  According to the AHA, “the award recognizes the accomplishments of small or rural hospital leaders who have improved health care delivery in their communities through innovative and progressive efforts.”  The award was presented by John Supplitt, AHA Senior Director.
Meza was recognized for her efforts to partner the two facilities into a regional healthcare system and for her recent work in bringing telemedicine services to north central Idaho.  The two hospitals formally joined forces in 1998.
In her acceptance speech Meza said, “Rural healthcare is alive and well in north central Idaho due to the amazing commitment to quality healthcare delivered by so many committed individuals.  Our team has worked diligently over the past 13 years to bring together two competing hospitals into one regional delivery system.  This system allows us to drive down the cost of healthcare by sharing administration at all levels, to enhance services to the communities and to use technology to connect residents’ and their healthcare records in a geographic area the size of New Jersey….I sincerely want to thank all the people I work with back home, but especially the family practice physicians who could work anywhere in the country, but instead choose to work with our team to bring amazing, innovative care to the people in our region.  Their dedication and skill set are amazing and I appreciate the opportunity to serve them in the important work they do.”
The AHA, founded in 1898, represents more than 4800 hospitals, health care systems, networks and other providers of care, as well as 37,000 individuals.  Shirley Ann Munroe was instrumental in the creation of the AHA’s Section for Small or Rural Hospitals, a forum that supports rural facilities to improve their community’s health.  Meza was selected for the 20th annual award from three other finalists representing hospitals in Memphis, Missouri; Shattuck, Oklahoma; and Bisbee, Arizona.
Earlier this year, Meza received the Idaho Hospital Association’s Excellence in Patient Care Award.  In May she will be honored at the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho’s Annual Gala for her role in providing settings for rural rotations for family practice residents and  “…to recognize the development of quality health care services in Idaho’s rural communities.”  

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