Youth group attends rally
by Maria Munger
February 5, eleven Prairie 7th & 8th grade girls rose bright and early and met at the Middle School P.E.A.C.E building. Their destination?  The Holy Family School in Coeur d' Alene, ID for the North Idaho Catholic Youth Rally.  The theme for the special day retreat was "You Are Not Alone!"  On arrival, volunteer high school and college students were already leading the groups in an active and up-beat music and praise sing-a-long.  By far the Prairie girls showed the most energy and enthusiasm of the attending youth!  
The day was made up of games, speakers, and FUN!  The speakers were amazing with their talks about modesty, self-worth, prayer and friendship.  I must add that lunch was amazing too!  The important part was the whole time was full of fun scripture, with the retreat ending with a youth Mass.  The Prairie group ended their day with prayer and sharing, at a camp out on St. Pious' gym floor.
Sunday morning everyone made their way home with a quick stop at the Spokane Valley Mall.  A big thanks goes to the volunteer students who gave up their weekends to make this wonderful and prayer filled event possible!  Also a thank you to the adult drivers for taking us.  If you didn't go this year, I encourage any 7th or 8th grade boy or girl to join us next year for fun, scripture and worship!!

Shown is the group that attended the North Idaho Catholic Youth Rally Feb. 5. Front from left are Kendra Dinning, Debbie Chicane, Samantha Keating, Morgan Butler and Emily McHugh. Middle from left are Holli Uhlorn Kendra Linderman and Beth Dinning. Back from left are Maria Munger, Kirsten Latimer, Heidi Holubetz, Savannah Walsh, Jessi Riener and Jessica Leonard. Drivers and chaperones not pictured are Stacie Dinning, Maureen Munger, Jonna Johnstone and Drew Robb. Photo submitted by Debbie Chicane.

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