Cottonwood City Council meets
Idaho County Recycling made a presentation at the Cottonwood City Council meeting Monday, Feb. 14.
They presented the same slide show they made for the County Commissioners. Afterward they informed the council that the grant money they recently were awarded will allow them to move close to setting up permanent sites at Grangeville and Kooskia. They will also look into a site at Cottonwood as once the permanent site is set up at Grangeville the once a month site at Fenn will no longer be there. If a site is to be put at Cottonwood, additional volunteers would be needed to help with it.
Councilor Ron Grant asked if a cardboard compactor like the one at Cash and Carry in Grangeville might be set up. Janie Fluharty of ICR said they have discussed putting one at Cottonwood Foods with Mike Schmidt.
A request was made by the Center for Discovery to use the Community Hall for auditions for the play they will be presenting (see story elsewhere in this week’s Chronicle). They are requesting to use the hall as all the gyms are booked for the day they want to do it. Shelly Schumacher made a motion to allow this cost-free. Jack Duman seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
In the water report the loss was down to 12.8% this past month, the lowest in quite some time. The lines were chlorinated and the city crew did a pressure test on the lines from the edge of town to pump #5 and no leaks were found.
Grant reported everything’s going well with the sewer system. They plan to have a company come in to clean out some of the troublesome lines.
Jack Duman said the street department is awaiting word on their chip seal grant application but otherwise he had nothing to report. 
Margo Bambacigno brought up a concern about the street below her place being closed. Duman said he was just thinking out loud about some possibilities to deal with the problem there but there are currently no plans to close the street. If there were the city would have to follow a public hearing process and notify all the property owners first.
Schumacher reported the downstairs kitchen and restroom renovations are nearing completion and she will have Morris Arnzen in to look at replacing the upstairs doors.
Grant reported they had no fire calls at all in the past month. They have several crew members signed up for a fire academy at Orofino.
In unfinished business Grant said he is about 80% done with the personnel policy manual and should have something to present at the March meeting.
The adoption of the 2009 Building Code is proceeding with the Planning & Zoning public hearing set for March 1 and the City Council public hearing set for March 14.
In new business Grant read a resolution to establish fees for vehicle extrication and rescue. Suggested fees are $250/vehicle with some exceptions available. Action was tabled to the March meeting.
Rod Behler was formally appointed as Fire Chief. This will be his 24th year in the position.
A question was brought up about the Royale Room liquor license. Council members stated they can’t do anything until an application is brought to them. Police Chief Terry Cochran said they have until March 3 to submit application to the state or it will be lost and since a town Cottonwood’s size is allowed only 1 they wouldn’t be able to get it back.
The council adjourned at 8:10 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, March 14 at 7 p.m.

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