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Itís been a busy week at the library removing duplicates and out dated books and replacing them with newer publications.  Many hands have made this a much easier task and we appreciate  each of you.   Molly Wimer is graciously donating her time organizing the childrenís section and making it more kid friendly.  
 COFFEE HOUR this week will be Thursday afternoon during open house honoring Author and Artist, Ladd Arnoti.  The library would like to continue recognizing local talent, so if you know of someone you would like to see honored, please call or send a note with this information to Dorothy Arnoti or Marlene Jungert. We are also requesting names of local authors to establish a section in the library honoring them.  If anyone has a copy of their book that you would like to donate or sell to the library it would be much appreciated as some are going to be impossible to purchase due to time lapse.  Thursday found the library buzzing with activity when a group of young Cub Scouts acquainted themselves with the use of a library.  They found many things of interest including books.   The computer class is well attended and very helpful to those wishing to learn the basics.   The Grandma white hairís are very appreciative of Zeke Williamís patience and endurance.  Never too old to learn, it just takes longer.
After much head scratching, phone calls and visits to the library  the internet service is finally successfully installed and running thanks to Greg, Rick and Zeke.
 Among new arrivals now on the shelf are a series of Steeple Hill Inspirational writings.  These are in larger print for easy reading.   There will be several New Arrivals on the shelf very soon so stay tuned.
April preview includes Book signing open house for Joan Kopczynski,  support your local businesses and earn a free library membership and other exciting events.  More about these later this month.   In May the library will be holding a yard sale during the city wide event.  Anyone with clean, useable items to donate to the library  will be appreciated.

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