Pinewood Derby is held
On March 12 Pack 638 held their annual Pinewood Derby.
With over 60 people lined up along the track and 11 ready-to-race Cub Scouts, the race was about to begin.
First the boys had their cars weighed in. They couldn’t weigh over 5 ounces and some were less.
Kevin Chaffee helped set up the bracketing in our two divisions. He had the boys draw numbers to see who went first. 
After the Pledge of Allegiance the race began. It took over an hour for all the boys to race their cars. Some cars flew down the track and others dragged just a little. Each car made had their own unique design.
Boy Scouts Seth Chaffee and Mike Karel were line judges for the race. Dakota Wilson was our gate runner who let the cars race down the track.
The scouts had a great time and showed good sportsmanship. Dan Karel and Shari Chaffee presented the boys with their trophies.
They would like to thank Roger and Jane Burgess for making a Pinewood Derby table covering. Thanks to Keith and Aleta Coppernoll for setting up the track.
Upcoming activities are continuing work in Scout books for advancement, field trip to the vet clinic, cub-annapolis (homemade car made out of a cardboard box) which gets raced at the city park and the Lewiston outdoor show April 8-10. The new scouts will get to go on their first Cub Scout campout with the parents. We are looking forward to a great Spring.

The Pinewood Derby winners are shown. Back from left are Jared Coppernoll, 3rd place; Hunter Chaffee, 1st place and grand champion overall; Anthony Karel, 2nd place; Carson Schmidt, participation; Justin Lockett, 2nd place and Matt Coppernoll, 1st. Front from left are Andrew Schlader, participation;  Caleb Butler, 3rd place; Travis Alfrey, participation; Cole Martin, participation and Remington Sprute, participation. Photo provided by Shari Chaffee.

Shown are the Pinewood Derby cars showing the variety of designs. Photo by Shari Chaffee.

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