Play performances set for Friday
The Center for Discovery along with One Week Wonders were so excited to see 79 kids try out for this Friday’s play “Trolls in the Land of Fae”.  There will be two chances to watch the play the first would be at 1:00 and the second at 7:00 both at the Prairie High School Gym.  We would like to invite the community to this special event.  Cost is $3.00 for Students and $5.00 for adults.  We will also be selling raffle tickets at the door.
The kids in the 1:00 play are Emily McHugh as the Story Teller, Chaye Uptmor as Forgiven Fairy, Alison Halligan as the Troll King, with Tiffany Sonnen as the Queen, Anthony Karel playing the part of Seth, Keith Captain of the Trolls is Nikki Gilmore, Jonathan Halligan is Tommy,  Bailie Gahring will be Tosha, Tiffany is Della Sprute, Fiona is Heidi Holubetz, Kirstin Latimer is Felicity and Faith will be played by Nicole Poxleitner.  The Troll Posse is Chase Kaschmitter, Morgan Poxleitner, and Jordan Quick.  The Trolls are Remington Sprute, Cole Martin, Brylee Wood, Sapphire Yorke, and Ellea Uhlenkott.  The Fairy Posse will be Amanda Halligan, Olivia Klapprich, Anna Everson, Brenna Wood, and Bailey Hankerson.  The Fairies will be Halle Klapprich, Amber Halligan, Anna Kaschmitter, Jordyn Higgins, Raven Yorke, Emma Watson, Delaney Uhlenkott, Callie Perrin, and Rachael Gimmeson.
The cast for the 7:00 play are Laura Spencer as the Story Teller, Brittny Bianchi as Forgiven Fairy Stellina Laurino as the Troll King, with Ali Hale playing the Queen, with Maria Munger playing the part of Seth, Keith Captain of the Trolls is Rosie Trautman, Dean Johnson is Tommy,  Haley Enneking will be Tosha, Tiffany is Beth Dinning, Fiona is Darlene Gehring, Laina Sonnen is Felicity and Faith will be played by Madison Shears.  The Troll Posse is Jesse Cronan, Zach Rambo, Dorsey Pearson, Wyatt Ross, and Travis Alfrey.  The Trolls are Lane Remacle, Wes Munger, Damian Forsmann, Dalton Ross, Brooklyn Riener, and Ciarra Chaffee.  The Fairy Posse will be Trinity Martinez, Delaney Lockett, Laney Forsmann, Molly Johnson, Katteri Duman, Josie Remacle, and Jade Gehring.  The Fairies will be Julia Wemhoff, Sydney Bruner, Leah Higgins, Molly Schwartz, Kendra Duclos, Kyleigh Duclos, Emma Gehring, Sydnee Bruegeman, Jacey Rambo, and Kodie Tidwell
Thank you for supporting this program and we hope to see you at the play.

Some of the 79 youngsters to audition for the youth play listen to the play producers last Thursday, March 10 at the Cottonwood Community Hall. The play “Trolls in the Land of Fae” is set to be performed this Friday. 

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