Summit Academy releases honor roll
Honor roll names for the third quarter of the 2010-11 school year were recently released by Summit Academy.
Earning perfect 4.0 averages in the high school were senior Rachel Wemhoff, juniors Nicole Frei, Savanah Prigge and David Waters, sophomore Kody Duclos and freshmen Sarah Chmelik, Megan Rehder and Michael Waters.
High School students earning high honors (3.75-3.99 gpa) were junior Derek Nuxoll and freshmen Abi Chmelik, Kayla Duclos, Rachael Frei, Alexandria Rockwell and Nicole Wemhoff.
Those earning honors (3.5-3.74 gpa) were juniors Michael Rehder and Courtney Schwartz, sophomores Julia Osborne and Shane Stubbers and freshman Matthew Schwartz.
Elementary students with a 90% or better grade average make the honor roll and this quarter included 8th graders Kayla Schumacher and Megan Seubert; 6th graders Bridget Beckman, Maggie Chmelik, Lindsey Goeckner, Tyler Krogh, Chris Osborne, Tyson Schlader and Delayne VanGunten; 5th grader Angie Wemhoff; 4th graders Madison Pecarovich, Kayla Rehder, Dylan Schumacher and Theresa Wemhoff and 3rd graders Aaron Goeckner, Jessie Sonnen, Hailey Stubbers and David Wassmuth.

31 have perfect attendance
Summit Academy students earning perfect attendance for the 3rd quarter include Rachel Wemhoff, senior; Austin Chmelik, Nicole Frei, Derek Nuxoll, Savanah Prigge and Michael Rehder, juniors; Shane Stubbers and Dan Wemhoff, sophomores; Sarah Chmelik, Kayla Duclos, Rachael Frei, Megan Rehder, Matthew Schwartz and Nicole Wemhoff, freshmen; Nathan Beckman and Megan Seubert, 8th grade; Thomas Schwartz, 7th grade; Patrick Chmelik, Tyler Krogh, Tyson Schlader and Lucas Wemhoff, 6th grade; Bridget Beckman, Luke Schwartz and Angie Wemhoff, 5th grade; Dylan Krogh, Kayla Rehder and Dylan Schumacher, 4th grade and Erin Chmelik, Michael Schwartz, Hailey Stubbers and David Wassmuth, 3rd grade.

Summit students to present play
Millie and Gertie are at it again, although this time it is happening at Summit Academy.  This spin off of “Arsenic and Old Lace” is about two older ladies doing their duties as citizens to spread the wealth, in their own unique way.  The cast of 16 students from Summit Academy, along with backstage assistance from a few others, will be presenting their annual spring play next weekend, Thursday, April 14th; Friday, April 15th, and Saturday, April 16th.  There will be an evening presentation at 7:00 each evening with an additional matinee on Saturday at 2:00.  Prices are adults: $5, K-12:  $3, families: $20.  All are invited to come and watch this hilarious comedy.  See you there!  

Hotshot competition held
Summit Academy’s third annual Hotshot Contest ended recently with the following students declared winners:
In the girls division:
3rd-4th grades: 1st-Kayla Rehder, 21; 2nd-Theresa Wemhoff, 19; 3rd-tie between Madison Pecorivich and Taylor Lustig, 18 each.
5th-6th grades: 1st-Angie Wemhoff, 35; 2nd-Maggie Chmelik, 34; 3rd-Lauren Stubbers, 29.
7th-8th grades: 1st-Kayla Schumacher, 48; 2nd-Megan Seubert, 34; 3rd-Joline Chmelik, 25.
High School: Only finals contestant and winners: Megan Rehder, 45.
In the boys division:
3rd-4th grades: 1st-Dylan Schumacher, 40; 2nd-Dylan Krogh, 33; 3rd-Michael Schwartz, 30.
5th-6th grades: 1st-Chris Osborne, 50; 2nd-Tyson Schlader, 48; 3rd-Tyler Krogh, 47.
7th-8th grades: 1st-Thomas Schwartz, 52/46; Rhett Schlader, 52/41.
This contest runs over two months with contestants given the chance to record 5 official scores. Scoring consists of two minutes given to each contestant to shoot one “three”, two “twos” and three “ones.” The twos were roughly free throw distance while the ones could be shot right under the basket. Shoots would continue the cycle until the time limit expired. The top three contestants in each group were then given a limited time to post their score during the finals with the results above. Some qualifiers (most of the high school contestants) were unable to post finals scores.
Record holders over the 3-year period of the contest are (this year’s noted with an asterisk):
3rd/4th girls: Angie Wemhoff, 36 and Theresa Wemhoff, 25.
3rd/4th boys: Tyson Schlader, 44 and Justin Wassmuth, 41.
5th/6th girls: Kayla Schumacher, 48* and Joline Chmelik, 46.
5th/6th boys: Chris Osborne, 50* and Josh Lustig, 50
7th/8th girls: Brooke Schumacher, 51 and Kayla Schumacher, 49
7th/8th boys: Josh Lustig, 55 and Rhett Schlader, 54*
High School girls: Savanah Prigge, 48 and Megan Rehder 45.
High School boys: Austin Chmelik, 60* and Josh Frei, 60.

Summit’s Hotshot winners. Front from left are Angie Wemhoff, Dylan Schumacher and Thomas Schwartz. Back from left are Kayla Schumacher, Megan Rehder and Kayla Rehder. Not shown is Chris Osborne. 

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