Items sought for benefit yard sale
Items are sought for a benefit yard sale for local resident Jill Seubert, who is on the active Kidney Transplant List. Jill Seubert, hooked up to her NX Stage home hemo machine. A benefit yard sale is set for May to help defray costs of a kidney transplant. Photo provided by Lacey Uhlenkott.
Jill has been on dialysis for almost 17 years.  Peritoneal for 8 years, in center at Tri-State Hospital Dialysis Center for 7 years driving to Clarkston 3 days a week spending 4 hours on machine .  She is currently at home with a NX Stage home hemo machine spending 6 days a week 3 to 4 hours a day on dialysis.  She was Tri-State Hospitals first NX Stage patient to have an in home machine.
Having O+ Blood and a 98 percent sensitivity level makes it a hard match to find. She currently has been on a financial hold, losing her insurance put a hold on pursuing the transplant.  They have come a long way with the drugs to stop the rejection of a kidney.  Cost of the medicine for the first 6mths can range from  $1500.00+ 20% of  the surgery.  After 6 months medication will then be about $500.00 per month
Jill is currently 11 years on Sacred Hearts Transplant list being first in line to get a kidney if a match is found.  
A yard sale will be held at the home of Shawn and Jill Seubert sometime in May any donated  items are welcome. Contact Nita Lorentz, 962-5441 Jackie Poxleitner 962-3429 or Jill Seubert 962-7085 leave message machine for pick-up of items for sale.
An account has been set up at Cottonwood Credit Union Send to P.O. Box 507 Cottonwood, Idaho 83522 Kidney Transplant Jill Seubert.

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