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On April 12; 105 potential blood donors walked through the doors at the Cottonwood Community Hall in the hopes of donating blood; however only 87 were allowed to give. Those who were unable to give were turned away for a variety of reasons; the two most common being low iron and/or high blood pressure.  Co-chairs; Brenda Kaschmitter and Cheri Holthaus would like to thank all those who gave and those who attempted to give; “we know that everyone is busy and we truly appreciate the fact that all these donors and potential donors were willing to take the time to come in.  We hope that those who were turned away will come back and try again on June 7th; and remember to eat foods high in iron and to relax.”
Once again a big thank you to all the wonderful volunteers; without them this blood drive would not be possible; Marlene Jungert, Anna Gehring, Delores Von Bargen, Audry Uhlenkott, Connie Uhlenkott, Sally Nuxoll, Dar Forsmann, Ingrid Mader, VFW Post 491, Josh Sigler, Devon Schmidt and Dani Cochran.  The volunteer duties include helping set up, putting out notices, making lunch, escorting donors, checking in donors and offering maple bars and juice. We have some of the best volunteers around.
We would also like to acknowledge our first time donors; Deb Smith and Theresa Alley; they were both very brave.  Along with the first time donors there were several who received milestone pins.  Raylyn Horton, Gary Stenzel and Daly McElroy all received a one gallon pin, Gladys Sonnen received a 2 gallon pin, Linda Nida a 6 gallon pin, Katz Jones a 7 gallon pin, Lois Lamont received her 8 gallon pin and Mona Farmer received a special shirt for coming in 50 times to donate, a very special thank you to all of these folks for their continued dedication to donate. 
Brenda and Cheri would also like thank St. Mary’s Hospital for the wonderful support of the blood drive; 38 hospital employees came in on April 12th to donate blood, at one time all the chairs were filled with St. Mary’s employees.  The hospital also purchases the maple bars the donors enjoy after giving blood.  
“We hope to see all our past donors as well as some new donors at our next blood drive which will be on June 7th,” said Kaschmitter.  “If you would like to make an appointment please feel free to contact either myself or Cheri Holthaus at 962-3251.  

Shown are 3 of the 38 St. Mary’s Hospital employees who came to donate blood; Lynn Cassill, Jessica Stewart and June Behler. Photo provided by Cheri Holthaus.


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