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After Fr. Haldane’s heartfelt homily last Sunday, our class was inspired!  Father encouraged all of us to recognize God working in our lives and to take it one step further by talking about our experience of God with others.  That is the goal of our Prairie ROCKS class in a nutshell.  
Tuesday was a sunny day so we sat outside and talked about things that had happened in our lives and how God was probably hard at work during those times.  The stories ranged in topic:  From circumstances that led to a move from the city to the small town of Cottonwood, to an inspiration that led to a sweet opportunity to buy a hot rod, to miraculously not getting hurt in snowcat and 4-wheeler accidents, to neighbors and friends rallying to put out a field fire before it reached the house.
Our students have come a long way in recognizing God at work in their lives not only in the big things, but in many small things as well. It was also noticed that usually it takes looking back at an experience in order to see that God was there. They have grown tremendously in their willingness to talk right out loud about incidences that they are coming to recognize as Christ-incidences.  Thank you to all the members of our community who shared their own story with our Prairie ROCKS class this year. 
On Monday, May 16, Don Tacke will be joining us to talk about his memories of life in the Catholic Church before and after Vatican II.  Then, on May 23, our final speaker for this school year will be the recent college graduate, Sam Lustig.  She will be telling the students about her great missionary adventures to Africa and Tijuana.  All community members are welcome to attend.  Class begins at 8:20 or 9:20a.m.

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