Summit students take fitness test
On Friday, May 13, Summit Academy held the annual physical fitness challenge to all students participating in PE this year at the Prairie Middle School track field.  It included students from kindergarten through the 10th grade.   The 11th and 12th graders assisted the faculty at the various stations.
The students changed into their PE clothes and headed down to the field at 1:30.  Five stations, including a mile run, pull-ups, a shuttle run, curl-ups and a sit and reach, were set up and waiting for the students.  In their classes, they went from station to station competing at their various age levels.  Each child achieved either the participation level for completing each event, the “National Fitness” level for reaching a defined goal at each station, or the highest level with the most challenging goals was the “Presidential Fitness” level.   The sunshine, competition and camaraderie together resulted in an excellent afternoon.  Congratulations to all participants!
Nationals:  Julia Osborne, Matthew Schwartz, Brooke Schumacher, Rachael Frei, Kody Duclos, Kayla Duclos, Kayla Schumacher, Megan Seubert, Josh Lustig, Jolene Chmelik, Thomas Schwartz, Dean Stubbers, Maggie Chmelik, Justin Wassmuth, Lauren Stubbers, Delayne VanGunten, Bridget Beckman, Lindsey Goeckner, Luke Schwartz, Patrick Chmelik, Dylan Schumacher, Rachel Chmelik, Taylor Lustig, Hailey Stubbers, Dylan Krogh, Michael Schwartz, Theresa Wemhoff, Lyndsie Krogh, Lane Schumacher, Hope Schwartz, Jade Prigge, Wade Goeckner, Torry Chmelik and Kristin Wemhoff. 
Presidential:   Megan Rehder, Alexanderia Rockwell, Nicole Wemhoff, Abigail Chmelik, Michael Waters, Sarah Chmelik, Rhett Schlader, Rachel Waters, Angela Wemhoff, Tyson Schlader, Lucas Wemhoff, Tyler Krogh, Madison Pecarovich, Claira Osborne and Cole Schlader.  Congratulations to all of the winners and participants! 

Megan Seubert stretching for the V-sit and reach competition. 

You Are Invited to Public Class
On Tuesday, May 24th, at 7:00pm, Summit Academy’s  7th- 12th graders will take the stage to showcase all they have been learning this year.  This academic event involves each student within the grades answering a multitude of comprehensive questions from their classes.  The grades are divided into teams and points are tallied for each team as the event proceeds.  The winning team is the one whose team members have accumulated the most points.  This challenging evening provides also an excellent means of developing public speaking skills within the students.  Parents, grandparents, friends and those interested in reviewing the program offered at Summit Academy are welcome to attend.   The event concludes with refreshments.  
On Wednesday of the following week, June 1st, at Summit Academy, the 1st through 6th graders will also be competing in the younger version of Public Class.  Once again, it will be an impressive outing for anyone interested in coming.  Hope to see you there!

Students visit retirement homes
Traveling to Lewiston for their annual visitation of area nursing and retirement homes there, Summit Academy’s junior and senior classes set a new record for performances and visits completed, visiting six of the Lewiston-Clarkston sites, and putting on their little musical performance a total of 10 times.
In order, the day began with attendance at Mass at St. James in Lewiston, followed by visits to the two separate facilities at Royal Plaza and the one at Juniper Meadows, both located close to the old Walmart site in Lewiston. Taking a lunch break, the students next paid their first visit to the Guardian Angel complex in Lewiston, a string of five different homes all located one after the other on the hill above Lewiston’s Veteran’s Hospital. At the request of the officials there, Summit raced from one facility to another, putting on a brief 10-minute, 3-song performance in the hour they had allotted to that site.
From there it was only a 3-block trip to the Veteran’s Hospital, a site Summit has kept on its list for some 6 years, extending their stay there for nearly an hour, visiting and talking to veterans there, some of whom were known to the students.
The busy day ended with another visit to the Evergreen complex in Clarkston, located near Tri-State Hospital. Again, the program included several songs and individual visits and conversations with those who resided there.
The lively music program at each site included “McNamara’s Band,” “My God” from the movie Sister Act, and “Long Tall Texan,” always a favorite with the listeners. At the sites other than Guardian Angel, other selections were added in addition to the half hour or so spent in visiting the occupants there.
Summit students attending included Jamie Chmelik, Rachel Wemhoff, seniors; Nicole Frei, Savanah Prigge, Courtney Schwartz, Austin Chmelik, Derek Nuxoll, Michael Rehder and David Waters, all juniors.
The trip and entertainment continues a Summit upper-class tradition that typically takes in all local retirement homes in the Grangeville, Cottonwood, Kamiah and Orofino area in the fall and then the Lewiston trip in the Spring.

Mr. Wren's 11/12 classes before they left for the nursing homes. Back from left are Austin Chmelik, David Waters, Savanah Prigge, Derek Nuxoll and Michael Rehder. Front from left are Rachel Wemhoff, Courtney Schwartz and Nicole Frei. Not shown is Jamie Chmelik.

Summit attends Walk for Life
Faculty members and students from Summit Academy made the trip to Grangeville on Saturday recently to participate in the Walk for Life held there as a benefit and support activity for local Right-to-Life organizations. The large crowd assembled at Grangeville’s park on the east side of town, then marched down Main Street and eventually arrived at Grangeville High School’s auditorium, where a light lunch was served and several speakers addressed the large crowd.
A highlight of the trip was the display behind the gym at Peter and Paul School where crosses representing the nearly 50 million abortions that have taken place in the United States since Roe vs. Wade was decided in 1973. An interesting footnote to that decision is that the young woman who was initially the complainant has since told the world that she was put up to it, and had not made the decision entirely on her own.
Summit’s senior and valedictorian, Rachel Wemhoff, was one of the six speakers there representing the young people gathered for the event. Rachel read a tearful letter written by a hypothetically aborted young baby girl, then went on to challenge young people to get on the pro-life wagon and fight for the rights of the unborn. Her closing statement, “I am ready, I am willing, and I will do what I can to defend the unborn.”

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