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The Prairie ROCKS class welcomed Sam Lustig as our guest speaker this week.  Sam told us about her great adventures to Tanzania, Africa in 2008 and Tijuana, Mexico in 2010.  Although the trip to Africa was fun and exciting, she remains the most enthusiastic about her Tijuana mission trip and hopes to return to that destination in the future.  
Sam explained that it is very difficult to put her experience into words.  Of course it’s easy to list all the work she and her group did, and to tell about the market place she visited and to describe the delicious Mexican food she enjoyed.  The difficulty comes in expressing the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment in working hard to make a positive difference in the life of an orphaned child.  Sam was sure to give time and attention to the children each day.  
Generosity and gratitude emanated from Sam as she talked to our class.  This inspired us to take on an ‘8 Day Giving Challenge.’ We will each be giving 1 gift a day for the next 8 days in a row.  The idea is that by giving mindfully, we will be focusing on all that we have to offer others. When we are in service to another person, we are moving from a place of self-centeredness to selflessness.
 Each student will keep a journal during the 8 days of giving.  Every day he/she will list at least 3 things he/she is grateful for as well as write about the gift that was given that day.  By next Tuesday, we will have many “giving” stories to share with one another.  


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