Prairie ROCKS! update
Sitting at Mass, listening to Father Haldane’s homily on Sunday was inspiring and edifying.  He was pointing out the fact that we are all responsible for spreading the good news of Jesus and that one of the best ways we can do that is to talk about our own experience of Him.  I must say that I agree whole heartedly.
It has been my great pleasure to be the teacher for the Prairie ROCKS portion of the High School Prairie Faith Formation Program.  Every week somebody from our community has taken time to join our class and simply tell the story of why they believe.  Following is a list of all those people who, with great humility and enthusiasm, shared their time and testimony:  Emma Watson, Susan Wassmuth, Alexa Prigge, Linda Arnzen, Karla Krogh, Don Tacke, Frank Bruno, Barb Rehder, Shawna Kaschmitter, Lynn Goeckner, James Rockwell, Jack Duman, Tara Klapprich, Toni Shears, Patti Watson, Julie Sonnen, Dominic Bruno, Joanna Davis, Dustin Lustig, Margaret Yalbew, David Hamm, Ryan Uhlenkott, Doug Lustig, Rene Forsmann, Jim Rehder, Debbie Chicane, Sr. Lillian Eglert, Leah Prigge, Sam Lustig.
Quite a line-up.  Each story unique, interesting and meaningful. A huge thank you goes out to each of these generous people who have supported our PFFP program by sharing a piece of themselves.  So, what is your story?  How would you answer the question, “Why are you a Christian?” Hope to hear from you next year at Prairie ROCKS.  


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