Pictures from Summit's graduation
Rachel Wemhoff gave the Valedictory address at Summitís graduation last Friday.
Brent Frei, uncle of graduate Jamie Chmelik, was the commencement speaker at Summitís graduation.
Members of Summitís music class performed during graduation.
The first hug the graduates got after the ceremonies was from each other.

Summit holds public class
On Tuesday, May 24th, the 7th-12th graders were on debut!  For approximately 30 minutes in the Summit Academy multipurpose gym, each class was asked a wide array of questions regarding all of their varied classes.  The classes were split into two teams and individual members were posed questions by the corresponding teacher.  Depending upon their answers, the teams would score and accumulate points for their teams.  The evening was both interesting, noting all the questions asked and answers given, and exciting, due to the close score of all of the different contests.  In both the 7th/8th and the 9th/10th, there was only a one point difference.  While the third contest, 11th/12th it was a 3 point difference.  The family and friends there to see the event were engaged and interested.  The students did an impressive job!
The next public class, put on by the younger set, 1st-6th graders will be Wednesday evening starting at 7:00 pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend!  Registration for the 2011 Ė 2012 school year is also now underway.  Please contact the office with questions.   

Dan Wemhoff answers a question at Summit's Public Class as Rachael Frei prepares for her question.

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