9 earn straight A's at Summit
9 Summit Academy high school students earned perfect 4.0 grade point averages for the 4th quarter. They were Rachel Wemhoff, senior class; Nicole Frei, Savanah Prigge and David Waters in the junior class; Kody Duclos in the sophomore class and Abi Chmelik, Rachael Frei, Megan Rehder and Michael Waters in the freshman class.
Making the high honors list for having a gpa of 3.75-3.99 were Derek Nuxoll, Michael Rehder and Courtney Schwartz in the junior class; Julia Osborne in the sophomore class and Sarah Chmelik, Kayla Duclos, Alexandria Rockwell and Nicole Wemhoff in the freshman class.
Those making the honors list for having a gpa of 3.5-3.74 were Austin Chmelik in the junior class, Brooke Schumacher and Shane Stubbers in the sophomore class and Matthew Schwartz in the freshman class.
In the Elementary and junior high ranks there were several more students making the honor roll.
8th graders were Kayla Schumacher and Megan Seubert.
Rachel Waters was the only 7th grader to make the honor roll.
The biggest group came from the 6th grade were Bridget Beckman, Lindsey Goeckner, Tyler Krogh, Chris Osborne, Tyson Schlader and Delayne VanGunten made the list.
Angela Wemhoff was the lone 5th grader on the honor roll.
Taylor Lustig, Madison Pecarovich, Kayla Rehder and Dylan Schumacher were the 4th graders on the list.
In the 3rd grade Aaron Goeckner, Jessie Sonnen, Hailey Stubbers and David Wassmuth made the honor roll.

Students achieve perfect attendance
Quite a few students achieved perfect attendance at Summit Academy in the fourth quarter.
They were Rachel Wemhoff, Austin Chmelik, Nicole Frei, Michael Rehder, Courtney Schwartz, Brooke Schumacher, Shane Stubbers, Dan Wemhoff, Sarah Chmelik, Rachael Frei, Megan Rehder, Michael Waters and Nicole Wemhoff in the high school and Nathan Beckman, Rhett Schlader, Kayla Schumacher and Justin Schumacher in the junior high.
In the Elementary grades Patrick Chmelik, Lindsey Goeckner, Tyler Krogh, Tyson Schlader, Lucas Wemhoff, Luke Schwartz, Erin Chmelik, Michael Schwartz, Jessie Sonnen, David Wassmuth, Rachel Chmelik, Dylan Krogh, Taylor Lustig, Madison Pecarovich, Kayla Rehder, Dylan Schumacher, Tony Goeckner, Lane Wassmuth, Tyler Wemhoff and Erin Wassmuth achieved perfect attendance.
In the Kindergarten Torry Chmelik, Cody Wassmuth, Ryan Wemhoff and Kristin Wemhoff were on the perfect attendance list.

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