Butte translator to transmit digital signal for Channel 12
An Idaho Public Television engineer will install equipment the week of June 20-25 at the Cottonwood/Grangeville translator to provide a digital television signal to the area.
The work on the translator on Cottonwood Butte will send an over-the-air digital signal that provides four digital channels in the place of the traditional single analog channel.
The new digital signal appears on most digital television sets and digital set-top boxes as channel 12 but some may show it as channel 46.
“Viewers who receive an over-the-air signal in the Cottonwood and Grangeville areas will need to complete the conversion to digital television. They need either a television with a digital tuner or a set-top box for an analog TV,” says IdahoPTV Director of Technology Rich Van Genderen. “And they need to scan for the new signal, which is usually seen as channel 12, but is divided into four sub-channels, each offering different programming, instead of just one channel. People who are prepared for the conversion in the translator’s reception area should experience sharp clear TV images from the new signal.”
An antenna with UHF capability will still be required to capture the signal. “This is just like what people in the area have been using for years. So anyone who has been receiving us before, should have no problem after the conversion,” Van Genderen says.
Twenty-four of IdahoPTV’s 42 translators now are converted to digital signals
IdahoPTV’s 24-hour over-the-air multi-cast digital channel lineup includes:
IDAHO (Standard Definition) — Sub-channel 1, same programming as the current analog channel.
HIGH-DEFINITION (HD) — Sub-channel 2, IdahoPTV productions and national programs in HD and wide screen.
LEARN/CREATE (Standard Definition) — Sub-channel 3, enrichment programs for educators and lifelong learners as well as live coverage of the Idaho House of Representatives when in session.
WORLD (Standard Definition) — Sub-channel 4, public affairs and life & culture programs as well as live coverage of the Idaho Senate when in session. 

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