Holthaus appointed to Cottonwood Council
The resignation of Shaun Riener as Cottonwood City Councilman was accepted at the council’s meeting on June 15 with Pat Holthaus appointed to fill the position until the next city election.
Riener had job responsibilities that kept him from fulfilling his duties.
Holthaus was appointed to also fill the water commissioner position Riener had held.
Patrick and Marietta Holman of Walco presented a request for a 3% increase in garbage pickup rates. Their costs jumped dramatically when the fuel prices rose. The increase amounts to 52 cents per month for residential with a $4-$5 increase for commercial.
The council will incorporate the request into their budgeting.
A request by John and Chris Kaschmitter for waiver of sewer fees on a new shop they are building on a separate lot in the next block behind their house. Water service would be from their house but sewer could not feasibly be provided. After discussion the council voted to charge the unoccupied rate of $7.57 instead of the regular rate of $21.53 until such time as a new fee schedule is put in place to specifically address this. They would also do some research to see if similar such situations exist around town. If so the new fee schedule may be drafted.
Danielle Cochran did a presentation of her senior class project for the council. It was titled “How media contributes to delinquency”. She presented a slide show and had some props to demonstrate how hard it is to tell at a glance the difference between a plain energy drink and one that has alcohol, a so-called alcopop, in it. She also talked about the dangers of “energy beers” and “jungle juice” and how some clothing lines aimed at teens include secret codes for drugs. She also commented that while adults mostly have an alcoholic beverage to enhance a meal or to relax, teens tend to try get drunk as fast and as cheaply as possibly and that many of the alcopops will have as much alcohol in one can as a 6-pack of beer. Many will wind up in hospital emergency rooms with blood alcohol contents in excess of .3 or .4 which is a level that can kill in many cases.
Council members commented she had presented some eye-opening information.
In the reports the water department showed only a 4.6% loss for the month, one of the lowest rates ever.
Ron Grant reported the sewer department got their jetter from Orofino that had been approved for purchase. Everything else looks good in the system.
Jack Duman reported mag chloride application had been delayed by weather. Many residents are going 50-50 with the city on cost for dust control although some streets will be treated for road stabilization. He also reported that the West Camas transportation group has obtained a roller for chip seal application. The city dropped out of the chip seal application when costs came in much higher than expected..
He also said they will be looking at more drainage issues.
Shelli Schumacher reported hall rentals are up about 17% for the 12-month period since the remodeling as opposed to the 12 months prior. And this did not include the dance and yoga classes and summer reading.
She said she would also like to get a senior citizen fitness program going. Her mother, Alice Nau, is involved in one in Deary and she could see where such a program would be beneficial locally.
Grant reported there were no fire calls in the past month. They were able to get the pumper trucks checked out and they tested well.
Hall rental for elections was discussed at the last meeting and City Clerk Carol Altman said she received a $100 check from the county with the explanation that this was a standard amount the county pays. She also reported that the election went well using the lower hall.
A resolution was read and passed to set Public Record Request Charges. This is to make them fall in line with a recently passed state law.
A survey of the Terrace Addition was discussed. Jack Duman said they need to establish the property lines to be able to figure out where the city’s easements are. This is to be able to deal with drainage issues there. A new culvert needs to be placed under Smith Street and Duman said he wants to make sure they put it in the right place.
Gordon Harman represented the Parish with a request concerning the new classroom being built behind the current Middle School to handle the additional students  when that becomes a K-6 school. The problem is they still need to use the old building while the new one is being built but the new one will sit upon part of the site of the old one. Their solution would be to turn the current building but then they run into right-of-way problems. Harman asked if the city would be willing to take 10’ off the sewer easement on the east side and turn the 60’ street into a 50’ street. 
Apparently the city has the right to use those areas but has never claimed them. Grant asked if the city could just quitclaim rather than take possession of those rights-of-way and then award them back which would be the procedure necessary otherwise. Some research will be done and decision made at the next meeting.
A catering permit was approved for Sheila Arnzen to be used at the Crow-Crea wedding on July 2.
The council adjourned at 8:45 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, July 11 at 7 p.m.

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