More photos from the Greencreek 4th of July Celebration

The toy car merry-go-round as always was popular with the youngsters.

Vern Sonnen took his turn as “train engineer” as youngsters enjoyed the popular ride.

The youngster in the middle with his eyes closed caught his egg while the two boys on either side had theirs break at the Greencreek 4th of July egg toss.

Many at the Greencreek 4th of July Celebration enjoyed the shade as they waited for the auction to start.

The watermelon eating contest was tricky with contestants not allowed to use their hands. 

Youngsters search through the sawdust for money at the Greencreek 4th of July Celebration. One youngster preferred searching with his feet. 
The one at top right climbing out had already found his limit of coins.

The two young ladies worked well together in the Greencreek 3-legged race.


We’re not sure this was the best wheelbarrow race combination but they were able to get to the finish line after only a couple of crashes.

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