Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Letter to the Editor
Governmental actions, such as the Endangered Species Act, have been used by extreme environmentalist and renegade radical judges to impose their ideals of environmental stewardship and in the process destroy our rural communities and their abilities to be self sufficient. Judge Malloy and Windmill to name just two have not interpreted law from the bench, but rather have made law and decreed rulings destroying our western way of life. We have constantly been misled concerning the so called delisting rules and the number of wolves which will maintain a sustainable wolf population. There has been no sound science in the ruse perpetuated upon the citizens of Idaho. 
The proper management and utilization of our natural resources can provide for thousands of jobs in Idaho and end the dependency our rural communities have on the federal government. An economy begins with our soil; until something is grown for consumption or utilized in the manufacturing process for our shelter nothing else matters. Until our most basic needs are met all the ancillary aspects of any economy are secondary.
Based on any reference to sound science the Gray Wolf is not endangered. Before these wolves were introduced to our region they were not endangered, they just did not populate our region. Before the blatant abuse and misrepresentation of science rural Idaho was an economic dynamo providing a way of live for thousands of Idahoans. It paid for our schools, our roads and hospitals. Now sadly today communities like ours in Idaho County struggle with 16% unemployment and a federal government dependency which destroys our pride and denigrates any sense of personal responsibility. Our Idahoan spirit and heritage does not cry for dependency but rather freedom. The so called good science and good politics of today are destroying our region and the spirit that makes us great.
Thank You,
Jim Chmelik
Idaho County Commissioner 

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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