7 vie for Idaho County Fair Royalty
There are 7 girls competing to be part of the 2012 Idaho County Fair Royalty this year and all but one attend Grangeville High School while the 7th is a student at Summit Academy in Cottonwood. 
Candidates are Abigail Chmelik of Summit and Mary Francis Kaschmitter, Bailie Cullin, Sky Wilson, Jacklyn Mager, Kathleen Daly and Hannah Baker of Grangeville High School.
They will be judged at the Royalty Luncheon which is set for Wednesday, August 3 at the Christian Reformed Church in Grangeville. Crowning will be Friday, August 19, at the Fair.
MaryFrancis Kaschmitter
MaryFrancis Kaschmitter is the 15 year old daughter of Herman and Julie Kaschmitter of Grangeville. She is sponsored by P.E.O. Chapter BV, Judy Lindsley of Grangeville. She is a sophomore at Grangeville High School.
She competed in National History Day while at Sts. Peter & Paul, winning regional and state competitions. She was a student council representative while in 5th and 6th grade and was 8th grade class vice president. She also helped organize a cheer squad at SPPS and is currently helping coach the SPPS cheerleaders.  She has also been involved in raising money to purchase animals for people in 3rd world countries, played volleyball, basketball and track in junior high and volleyball and softball at high school. She has been taking dance lesions and piano lessons for several years each and singing lessons the past two years. She was recently accepted into Grangeville High School’s Blue Choir.
She has been involved in 4-H and the Idaho County Fair since she was 7 years old with Cloverbuds and 4-H Horse. She took 4-H horse for 3 years and at age 8 started market lamb projects which she has done every year since. She has also taken 4-H Art and has entered baking contests and participated in 4-H judging contests.
Employment includes day care for many Grangeville families. Sometimes more than one family will call on a single night.
She enjoys spending time with family and friends, babysitting, bike riding, dancing (both at school dances and with her dance group), swimming, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, camping, shopping, reading and really enjoys math.
After high school she plans to attend college and work toward a business administration degree.
Three life goals would be wanting to work hard to become a happy, successful and productive member of society; make a difference in someone’s life and grow in her faith.
She feels her strongest personal quality is her compassion and respect for others.
The most important thing in her life is her family where she is the baby of the family with 4 older siblings, 3 brothers and a sister.
She has lived in Idaho County her entire life.
Bailey Cullin
Bailey Cullin is the 6 year old daughter of Todd and Heather Cullin of White Bird. She is sponsored by Likkel Insurance Agency of Grangeville and is a junior at Grangeville High School.
She has been involved in 4-H for 6 years taking market lamb, market beef, dairy heifer, dairy goat, breeding ewe, poultry, veterinary science and horse projects. She has held most every office over the years in the Salmon River 4-H Club and this year joined the Crazy Critters 4-H Club. She is a current Idaho County 4-H Ambassador and has won several honors over the years. She has also been in the Grangeville FFA chapter for the past 2 years. Other youth activities include track and field, cheerleading, 5th grade basketball, 6 years of youth baseball, 8th grade volleyball, GEMS concert choir, Veterinary Science Summer Camp at WSU, White Bird Summer Reading Program, White Bird Community Volunteer, dance lessons for 3 years, Good News bible Camp, Catholic Youth Group and took swimming lessons.
Past fair involvement include attending the Fair since she was 8 months old. Once the family moved to White Bird she got involved in 4-H and had entered many of the fair projects listed above. She has also participated in Spring Livestock Show, Livestock Judging Contest, numerous poultry clinics and the Ambassadors program.
For employment she has been babysitting since she was 10 years old and was employed for 1 summer by Ray Holes feeding bummer goats.
She really enjoys riding her horses, Star, Sally and Elmo. She also enjoys cooking anything from pasta to pie and spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys swimming and fishing. Her family raises sheep as a hobby and she has a lot of fun with the lambs and some of the friendlier ewes.
She plans to attend the University of Idaho after high school and would like to be a pre-vet major. She would like to become either an Equine Physical Therapist or a veterinarian.
Three life goals would be to someday travel to Australia and Africa; to be a successful financially secure adults and third to find somewhere she likes in the U.S., buy a few acres and retire.
She feels her strongest personal quality is her will. She is a very determined person and a perfectionist.
The most important thing in her life is her friends and family. She wouldn’t have got this far without their support.
She has one brother and says her parents and brother are very supportive in everything she does. She is very close to them.
She has lived in Idaho County most of her life. When she was 3 they moved to Weippe for 2 years then moved back to Idaho County.
Abigail Chmelik
Abigail Chmelik is the 15 year old daughter of Joe and Julie Chmelik of Grangeville. She is sponsored by Fenn Livestock 4-H Club and will be a sophomore at Summit Academy in Cottonwood.
Youth activities include basketball, drama club, knowledge bowl, highway cleanup, Vacation Bible School, Sts. Peter & Paul Youth Group, Fenn Livestock 4-H Club, Relay for Life and Grangeville Centennial Library volunteer.
Past fair involvement includes working in the food booth and 3 years of 4-H steer projects.
For employment she has done babysitting for numerous families, showed equine for Coyote Mule Col, done handiwork and garden for Mr. and Mrs. Milton Johnston and worked at White Bird Summit Lodge.
She enjoys basketball, skiing, drama, camping, horseback riding, cooking, socializing, 4-wheeling and especially spending time with family and friends.
After high school she plans to attend college and study either medicine or education.
Three goals are to go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, skydiving and discover a cure for cancer.
She believes her strongest personal quality is her outgoing personality. It has helped her meet new friends and experience and do things she otherwise wouldn’t have.
She believes her faith in God and her family is by far the most important thing in her life. She believes that God, through her awesome family has formed her into the person she is and given her a head start to the person she can become.
Her dad Joe and 3 younger sisters, Jolene, Maggie and Gus, make up their “comical family.” She says her family is like fudge – “sweet, but with a few nuts!”
She has lived in Idaho County for the past 12 years.
Sky Wilson
Sky Wilson is the 15 year old daughter of Justin and Michelle Wilson of Grangeville. She is sponsored by Marble Magic, Inc. and is a sophomore at Grangeville High School.
She is a member of the GHS FCCLA, varsity girls basketball team, varsity girls crosscountry team, varsity softball team, and Varsity Blue Choir. She is also a member of the CIL Grangeville Babe Ruth baseball team, a volunteer coach for Grangeville Youth Basketball Camp, member of Young Womens Grangeville LDS Ward, and a member of the Winona Wrangler 4-H Club in Lewis County.
She has been involved in the fair since 2003 with 4-H pet dog, pet cat, Know Your Government, market swine, pet rabbit, Safe Sitters, horse, dog agility and crafts projects; open class waterfowl, poultry, rabbit, art and collection projects; Cloverbud dog, rabbit, puppet play and rock hounding projects.
She is employed as a part-time laborer for Marble Magic, Inc.
She enjoys fishing, camping, rafting, boating on Dworshak Reservoir, biking, swimming, singing, skiing, horseback riding, photography, drawing, fly tying, dog agility and song writing. 
After high school she plans on attending a 4 year college on athletic and academic scholarships. She plans on completing general studies and exploring various career options.
3 goals she has are to complete at least 4 years of college and receive a degree, have a successful career she enjoys and to get married and have a family of her own.
She feels her strongest personal quality is her competitiveness. Being competitive makes her push herself to be the best she can be at whatever she is doing and to help her achieve her goals and succeed at what she does.
She feels her family is the most important thing in her life. Her family includes her father, who owns Marble Magic, Inc., her mother who is a receptionist at Syringa and her little sister Jayde who is big into horses and is currently Riggins Rodeo Princess.
She has lived in Idaho County her entire life.
Jacklyn Mager
Jacklyn Mager is the 16 year old daughter of Bob and Leah Mager of Grangeville. She is sponsored by This & That 4-H Club and will be a senior at Grangeville High School.
Youth activities include After Shock Youth group and 4-H.
Past fair involvement includes Mob Squad, 4-H Ambassadors and working in the Snack Shack.
She works at Oscar’s Restaurant in Grangeville.
She enjoys dancing, camping and 4-wheeling.
After high school she plans to attend LCSC and study medicine.
3 life goals are to graduate college and get a good paying job, travel the world before she settles down and to travel to India or a different country and help them out.
She feels her strongest personal quality is that she is easy to talk to and gets along with all different types of people.
Her family is what’s most important in her life because they support her in everything she does.
Her family includes her father Bob who works for the city of Grangeville, her mother Leah who works for Idaho County and her sister Rachel who will be an 8th grader this year.
She has lived in Idaho County her entire life.
Kathleen Daly
Kathleen Daly is the 15 year old daughter of Michael and Cindy Daly of Grangeville. She is sponsored by Michael Daly Foothill Services, LLC and is a junior at Grangeville High School.
She participates in Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church Youth Group, Idaho Catholic Youth Convention, Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA), This & That 4-H Club, and has also participated in gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, track, plays and horse 4-H. She also helped cook and score at Grangeville Gun Club.
Past fair involvement includes attending the fair for the past 3 years, helping friends with animal projects and helping friends get ready for the fashion shows.
She does babysitting, volunteers at Syringa Hospital and helps her father at his mechanics shop.
She enjoys horseback riding, reading, swimming, 4-wheeling, drawing and painting, designing clothes, cooking and leaning new languages.
After high school she plans to go to either the University of Idaho or University of California at Davis to study laboratory science and languages then go into the military as either a linguist or medically. After serving she plans to go on to medical school.
3 life goals are to travel the world, study different cultures and become an oncologist.
She feels her strongest personal quality is friendship because she is accepting, responsible, caring and just happy and tries to bring these things to her friends.
The most important thing in her life is her family because they realize her true potential even when she doesn’t and always help her reach it.
She is an only child and her parents have always been there for her.
She has lived in Idaho County for the past 5 years.
Hannah Baker
Hannah Baker is the 15 year old daughter of Brad and Bambi Baker of Grangeville. She is sponsored by Baker Truck Service and is a sophomore at Grangeville High School.
She is involved in student council, band, metal shop, volleyball and track. She is also involved in Idaho Drug Free Youth, is sophomore class representative to student council and was class vice president in both 8th and 9th grade. She is also involved in 4-H and has done scrapbooking, Making the Most of Me and swine projects.
She has been involved in the fair since she was 8 years old. She started with Making the Most of Me and a swine project. She has done swine projects every year and this past year took scrapbooking.
She is currently employed at Shot House Coffee in Grangeville. Before taking her current job she also used to help her mom out at the coffee shop she owned.
She enjoys constantly doing something and getting better at her sports. She made JV volleyball last year and hopes to make varsity this year. She also enjoys competing in track, taking 8th in districts as a freshman. She enjoys photography, writing, spending time with her family, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, trapshooting and watching older movies.
After high school she would like to spend her summer traveling to Europe, Pearl Harbor, Washington, D.C. and Fiji. She hopes to get a scholarship to UCLA or USC to study physical therapy and go into sports medicine. After college she would like to get an internship with the 49ers or Colts pro football teams. If that didn’t work out with a volleyball team.
Three life goals are to earn a good living so she wouldn’t have to depend on her parents; get educated and never quit learning; and third to be able to look back at her life and know she lived it to the fullest.
She feels her best personal quality is responsibility. She says she always knows what needs to be done and tries her best to get it done
The most important thing in her life is her family. She has no idea what she would do without them.
In addition to her parents she is the youngest of 4 girls. Her sisters are Chrystal, Sarah and Calen. She really looks up to her oldest sister, Chrystal, who was the first person in the family to go to college and finish and recently took her final test to become a licensed psychologist. Her sister Sarah is expecting her second child. Her third sister Calen lives in Lewiston and has 2 children. Her sisters are 8, 10 and 12 years older than her.
She has lived in Idaho County her entire life.

Shown are the 7 candidates for 2012 Idaho County Fair Royalty. Top from left are MaryFrancis Kaschmitter, Bailie Cullin, Abigail Chmelik and Sky Wilson. Bottom from left are Jacklyn Mager, Kathleen Daly and Hannah Baker. 

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