Teachers training in blended curriculum
In response to the recent legislation on requirements for online courses and blended curriculum, 6 teachers are participating in blackboard training with LCSC as the provider.  Teachers are learning how to integrate the technology into their curriculums so students can be online retrieving assignments and completing projects.    Prairie High School will be using the Video Conferencing equipment to provide Nezperce High School students with Spanish I.  Laurie Karel will be utilizing the blackboard software as well to provide assignments and material when the two high school schedules don’t coincide.  It is our goal to have online courses available as both a sending and a receiving site.  If we get other school districts in our area to provide online courses, then both schools benefit and will meet the intent of the law to offer online courses for our students.
Several of the teachers involved in the training on blended curriculums are shown. From left are Laurie Karel, Renee Eckert, Krystal Ellis, Ryan Hasselstrom and Patty Hinkelman. Photo provided by Renee’ Forsmann
Sonesa Lundmark during the training. Photo by Renee' Forsmann.

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