Cub Scouts attend Camp Grizzly
Three Cub Scouts and their fathers attended a 3 day resident camp last weekend. 
Keith and Matt Coppernoll, Jeff and Cole Martin, and Jason and Caleb Butler made the 2 hour trip to Camp Grizzly.  The theme for this years camp was Knights of the Roundtable.  The boys entered the camp as Squires and were dubbed Knights at the end of camp.  They had to battle and defeat the Black Knight in order to save the White Knight.  They made their own shield and helmets out of cardboard, designed their own crest and made catapults out of wood. They also did some fishing and swimming, learned knife safety, some knot tying, shot BB guns and archery.  They went on a mile hike and learned about plants and trees.  They were able to earn several belt loops and pins.  They also attended the campfire both nights.  
Two of the boys and their dads participated in the Polar Bear Swim where they got in the Lake at 6:30 in the morning. This was the first visit to Camp Grizzly for  two of the boys and the dads.  It was a busy and fun filled weekend.

Cole Martin, Caleb Butler and Matt Coppernoll are shown with the shield they made at Camp Grizzly. Photo by Aleta Coppernoll.

Caleb Butler, Cole Martin and Matt Coppernoll get their picture taken in front of the chainsaw carved Grizzly Bear.

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