Dog Bark Park to be on MTV
The popular MTV Cribs series has returned for another season with a new twist & new name – Extreme Cribs.  Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin with the family touring Dog Bark Park for the show MTV Cribs.In this series, which debuted August 1st, family members take viewers on tours of their family’s unusual, weird & wacky dwellings.  2003 GHS grad Grant Lean, son of Frances Conklin & Dennis Sullivan owners of the Cottonwood giant beagle-shaped building, along with Sullivan’s grandchildren Logan Hudson & Elizabeth Coen, also former Grangeville residents, are the hosts for the15-20 minute tour of Dog Bark Park.
Filming was done in March by an 8-member MTV crew and was entirely unscripted taking thriteen hours to complete. Scenes were shot inside and outside the big dog as Lean, Hudson & Coen led the camera on a tour around the snowy grounds of Dog Bark Park explaining how it was to be a part of building, & then spending time, in the big dog.   Coen, a 9th grader at Pullman High, says “ The filming was much harder than I thought & fortunately it was ok for retakes to be done”  Hudson attends Colton High and says his favorite part of the shoot  was when  they were filmed having a snowball fight under the watchful eyes of the big beagle; that was really fun!”
Lean, who has followed earlier seasons of the Cribs shows, states, “the best part of the whole experience was seeing Cribs from the inside; how the cameras, sound, lighting crews worked with each other & us. During breaks in the action it was fun to visit with the crew.  I can’t wait to see the show.”
Air date for the episode is this Friday, August 12, at 4:30 p.m.

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