Hospital sponsors school supplies drive
The St Mary’s Hospital Mission Committee is sponsoring a ‘School Supplies Drive.’  A box has been placed by the Chapel entrance so employees and community members can conveniently drop off supplies at any time.
“In the past we have sponsored a back pack drive every year to coincide with the start of school, but in looking at the situation it was decided that school supplies to supplement what the students are able to bring would be more helpful for the students and the teachers,” said  Sr. Janet Barnard, Mission Director.  “There is a list of needed supplies with the collection box, but, basically anything a student or teacher can use in their classroom will be greatly appreciated.”
The box will remain in the hospital after the start of school.  “Some students run out of supplies and it’s nice for the teacher to have some set aside.  Not all families have the resources to restock for their child,” continued Sr. Janet.  “This is a confidential way for us to help out.” 

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