Tidwell is overal grand champion showman
Kelsie Tidwell of Cottonwood was named the Round Robin Grand Champion showman for the 2011 Idaho County Fair. She was also the grand champion showman for sheep while MiKayla Riener of Cottonwood was the reserve champion.
Tate Stowers of White Bird was the grand champion showman for beef and was also the Round Robin Reserve Champion. Wyatt Thanstrom, of Grangeville was the reserve champion beef showman.Selena Davila with the grand champion quality steer.
Clay Schumacher of Greencreek was grand champion showman for market swine while Brad Schumacher of Grangeville was reserve.
Marie Heckman was the grand champion horse showman while Taylor Canaday was reserve.
Sydney Tiede of Cottonwood was the grand champion rabbit showman while Elizabeth Orgish was reserve.
Sydney Andrews was the grand champion poultry showman while Chevelle Shepard was reserve.
Victoria Davis of Kamiah was grand champion goat showman while Brooke Eades was reserve.
Kristin Kaschmitter was grand champion showman for dogs while Lizz Forsmann was reserve.
Lanee Wood was grand champion for dog obedience while Savannah Thanstrom was reserve.
In the Quality judging Selena Davila of Cottonwood had the grand champion steer while Lance Goeckner had the reserve.
In breeding beef Wyatt Thanstrom had the grand champion while Savannah Thanstrom had the reserve.
In market lambs Cassy Paluh of Grangeville had the grand champion, and sold it for an amazing $15.00 per pound, while Lance Goeckner had the reserve.
In market swine Tristan Yocum of Grangeville had the grand champion. Prairie football coach Travis Mader “won” the competition with 3 other Idaho County football coaches and got to kiss Tristan’s pig. Isaiah Shears of Cottonwood was the reserve champion.
In rabbits Sydney Tiede was also the quality grand champion while Grace Denham was the reserve champion.
In dairy goats Brooke Eades had the grand champion while Hunter Connolley had the reserve.
In market goats Hunter Angeny of Kooskia had the grand champion while James Lusich of Kamiah had the reserve. Theirs were the only two goats to make it to the sale.
Cassy Paluh of Grangeville had the grand champion quality lamb, which brought an amazing $15 per pound at the sale.In poultry Katrina Wolfum had the grand champion and Sydney Andrews the reserve.
In the livestock judging contest Tyler Krogh was the top beef judge, Austin Sonnen the top swine judge and Sarah Davis the top sheep judge.  1st place overall was Chrysann Lusich with Victoria Davis 2nd, Sarah Davis 3rd, Dan Wemhoff 4th and Nicole Wemhoff 5th.
Sarah Davis was the Beef Steer rate of gain winner for 4.36 lbs. per day. Jake Forsmann was the market lamb winner with 1.1 lbs. per day and Courtney Sims was the market swine winner for 2.4 lbs. per day.
Top junior livestock record book award went to Brooklyn Riener. Top intermediate was Abbie Uhlenkott and top senior was Courtney Schwartz.
Top horse record book award went to Kristin Kaschmitter.
JoJo Thorsell was the top senior ag demonstration winner with Elizabeth Orgish the top intermediate winner and Teresa Uhlenkott the top junior winner.
Keuterville Livestock 4-H Club won the Herdsmanship award for top sportsmanship, courtesy, stall and pen cleanliness and decorations.
Top Community Service Project Poster winner was the Salmon River 4-H Club.
Jenni Forsmann received the Top Know Your Government Project award which was sponsored by the George Enneking family and presented by Karla Enneking.
Hunter Connolley was the Idaho County 4-H Lamb & Ewe Project winner.
Lance Goeckner won the Outstanding Angus Market Project Award.
Wyatt Thanstrom won the Outstanding Angus Breeding Project Award.
Austin Reed won the Idaho Saler Association Award.
Korena Stamper won the Outstanding Hereford Award.Tristan Yocum with her grand champion hog.
Keuterville Livestock 4-H Award won the award for largest percentage of beef projects.
Dylan Krogh took first place for Top Feeder Pig Project while Molley Deford was second.
Clay Schumacher received the Top Overall Swine Project award.
Sheyenne Stewart received the Top Overall Sheep Project award.
Selena Davila received the Top Overall Beef Project award.
Victoria Davis received the Top Overall Agriculture Project Award.
Dani Cochran received the Dave Klapprich Memorial Award which goes to the graduating senior who best illustrates the goals of the 4-H program.
15 graduating seniors received Senior Mugs. They were Dani Cochran, 7 yrs. in 4-H; Carter Hazelbaker, 9 years; Haleigh Schmidt, 10 years; Tim Costa, 6 years; Mitchel Jungert, 10 years; Sheri Schumacher, 10 years; Victoria Davis, 7 years; Chrysann Lusich, 4 years; Taylor Wemhoff, 10 years; Megan DeFord, 10 years; Rees Majors, 6 years; Garret Workman, 10 years; Jacob Forsmann, 10 years; Megan Phillips, 2 years and Kendra Ross, 9 years.
Marci Nuxoll of the Valley Livestock 4-H Club received the 2011 Distinguished Service Award which goes to a 4-H leader.

Livestock Sale grosses over $240,000
The Idaho County Fair’s 4-H Livestock sale grossed $242,843.20 this year. Although this wasn’t the highest total ever, they did see the highest per pound prices.
There were 135 buyers this year with 7 animals purchased and donated to the food bank.
Following are the stats for the animal groups:
Pigs - 102 sold, average price per head $798.99, average price per pound $3.16
Steers - 43 sold, average price per head $2,288.39, average price per pound $1.85
Sheep - 76 sold, average price per head $811.15, average price per pound $6.88 (This includes the grand champion which sold for an amazing $15.00 per lb.)
Goat - 2 sold, average price per head $648.25, average price per pound $7.24
Clay Schumacher was grand champion showman for hogs.
Isaiah Shears with his reserve champion hog. Photo provided by Vicki Shears from judging as he was at his sister’s wedding during the sale.
Lance Goeckner had the reserve champion quality steer.
Sheyenne Stewart has the reserve champion sheep.
Sydney Tiede receives the trophy for top rabbit showman from 4-H Ambassador Frank Spencer. She was also grand champion showman for rabbits.
Tate Stowers was grand champion showman for market beef and was the reserve champion overall showman.
Wyatt Thanstrom was reserve champion showman for market beef.
The best dressed steer at the sale belonged to Sydney Schoo.

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