Blood drive set for Oct. 11
As October progresses and Halloween approaches, what is the scariest thing you can think of?  Running out of candy for the neighborhood kids?  An IRS audit?  How about if you needed blood and it wasnít there?
Each day, hundreds of patients in our area depend on a safe and available community blood supply to help save their lives, and the demand continues to grow.
Blood is a medicine that only volunteer donors can give, and it is vital for patient care throughout our area and across the United States.  Every day, the American Red Cross must meet the blood needs of accident victims, premature babies, people undergoing treatment for cancer, and other patients in local hospitals.  Physicians perform sophisticated surgeries, including heart procedures, orthopedic surgeries, and organ transplants which require large amounts of blood.  Without a safe and adequate blood supply, many patients could never experience these benefits of modern medicine.
Blood is needed every two seconds in the United States for cancer patients, accident victims and surgery patients.  Maybe you have used blood yourself; if not, you probably know someone who has.  What if the blood hadnít been there?  Itís a scary thought.
Help assure that blood is available when people need it.  Call Brenda Kaschmitter at 962-3251 or Cheri Holthaus at 962-2327 to make an appointment to donate blood at our upcoming blood drive; October 11 from noon to 6:00.
SPECIAL NOTE:  Idaho now permits 16 year-olds to donate blood with parental permission.  A Red Cross parental permission form will be required,copies of this from will be available at the blood drive. Valid identification is required for all blood donations.

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