Prairie ROCKS! update
Visiting our Prairie ROCKS class on Tuesday was Sarah Walsh.  Sarah talked to the students about making choices in her life that led her away from practicing the Catholic faith, yet she always felt that she loved being Catholic.  Eventually, she asked herself, “What is it that I really want out of life?”  The answer was family.  She wanted to build a family that would allow her to live her faith to the fullest.  
As a PFFP teacher, she has had the opportunity to learn much about the Catholic faith.  Especially as a teacher of the second grade class, she has come to embrace the importance of the sacraments of reconciliation and holy Eucharist.  She challenges us all to answer the question: “Why am I Catholic?”  Our class will be spending some time to ponder that question and to each formulate his/her own answer.
The month of October is the month of the rosary ,so each class spent a few days making a Jeopardy game themed “The Rosary”  for the other class to play.  Rhett Schlader was the winner during the first period class, with Beth Dinning a close second.  Cassidy Stubbers won the contest during second period with Andy Gehring coming in second.  The two winners received gift certificates to Jitters and hopefully all the students enjoyed the game a learned about the rosary.   

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