Prairie ROCKS! update
Michelle Sonnen joined our Prairie ROCKS class on Tuesday.  Michelle was baptized into the Catholic faith last Easter and she told the inspiring story of her journey to get there.  It was beautiful to hear her describe how the Church and the rosary have helped her find and know Jesus.
Michelle left the students with 2 pieces of advice:
Donít keep your mouth closed about your faith!  You might just be the instrument the Holy Spirit sends to answer another personís questions about God.
Listen to the Holy Spirit.  Often he has a still, small voice, but learn to recognize him working in your life and donít ignore him.  Knowing him is a precious gift. 
Michelle also encouraged the students to really focus at mass and to put themselves there at the Last Supper, to make it personal.  She explained that one of the benefits of the rosary is that it takes time.  It is good to take time to slow down and simply ponder the life of Christ.
Lastly, in all her studying of the faith, Michelle learned that the Catholic Church does not have all the answers.  Part of Catholicism is a mysteryóprobably designed that way to promote searching for answers and living in faith.

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