Prairie ROCKS update
Don Tacke, 83  year resident of the Camas Prairie, visited our Prairie ROCKS class on Monday.  With wit and wisdom he shared his memories of life in the Church before Vatican II.  He challenged the students to consider themselves as the leaders who may one day promote the possibility of a need for a Vatican III.  
On Tuesday in class, the students each wrote 3 questions that they will ask a grandparent concerning their thoughts and feelings as the changes from Vatican II began to take place.  We took the opportunity to  begin to discuss the reasons for making changes in the liturgical prayers which will come into use during Advent of 2011. Next week we will not have a speaker in order to allow time to look at the new wording and practice saying the new responses. 
Our next speaker, Sr. Janet Barnard, is scheduled to visit our class on November 21.
Community members are welcome to attend at 8:20 or 9:20 at the Prairie High School PEACE building.

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