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The Brãts and Brew Fest is in the books for another year. It went very well thanks to some very helpful volunteers and everyone had a good time.  The band, The Coffey Twins and the Satins, were fabulous and Elvis even showed up for a few songs.  The fund raiser was a success thanks to all the people attending and taking part.  The event was well supported by local businesses.  The Library Board has set the date for next year for November 3rd., the first Saturday in November.  Mark that date so you won't miss it. 
The winners for the Bräts and Brew Fest were as follows: Brad Peer-Brew, Denis Duman-Bräts, Bobbie Chambers-Side Dish, Bonnie Gehring & Donna Nuxoll-Salad, Amy & Angie Rose-Bread, and Judy Uhlorn-Dessert. Everything was yummy! The quilt was won by Jeff Seubert, Sarah Seubert won the Country Gift Basket, Dan & Lori Wilson won the Christmas Table Runner, Jan Choruby won the Gift Certificate to Jitterz Java & Deli, and Roxanne Similar won the Rustic Bird House. Ken Severson and Heidi McRoberts won the beer mug contest. 
We have another new book at the library for kids, but grownups will also get a kick out of it.  It's called "Life With Percy."  If you have ever had a cat for a pet, you should read this.  The author is Judy Bean, a local author from Harpster.  She took pictures of their cat dressed in all different outfits and the cat, Percy, played any part they wanted him to.  Judy wrote the book because here nine kids insisted on it.  She took all the pictures and wrote the text for the book.  Judy says, "I enjoyed it because Percy was like one of the kids.  I took pictures of him for 10 years or so then put it together for a book."   To order copies of this book, call Judy at 208-983-2799. 
Some of the crowd going through the food line at the Brats & Brew.
The Coffey Twins & the Satins performing during Brats & Brew. Photos provided by Ed McMillion

Julie Sonnen went for the German look while husband Norm stayed with a more American look as they served up Brats.

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