Cottonwood City Council meets
The Cottonwood City Council had a short November meeting Monday, Nov. 14.
Water commissioner Pat Holthaus reported there was just a 4.5% water loss in the past month out of over 4 million gallons pumped. Apparently they also discovered a leak by accident as a 1 inch service line was being installed to the new Released Time Building near Prairie Elementary School. The main line there had been compacted at a joint and was leaking into pit rock so there was little chance of discovering it otherwise.
Ron Grant reported the sewer department is buttoning things up for the winter.
Jack Duman reported he is pursuing some grant opportunities to get East St.  From Foster St. past the school redone. He looked into block grants but CEDA told him he would need to pursue the Safe Routes to Schools program first. 
Grant reported that the Fire Department had 3 calls during the month. 1 was a vehicle fire that turned out not to be a fire. A second was a chimney fire and the third was a controlled burn with a permit that was put out due to complaints about the type of smoke coming from it. 
There was some discussion about the VEBA health reimbursement program for city employees but the matter was tabled until the next meeting. Mayor Denis Duman said he would like to hold an executive session at that time with the full council and the city employees to work this out.
The annexation request by the Idaho Department of Corrections was denied as IDOC has decided to surplus the property and sell it. Also something about the proposed annexation did not meet state statutes. City Attorney Joe Wright suggested they might want to leave the request open as any purchaser would likely want to annex. Since it was noted by the council that the city’s area of impact would have to be redone they felt they would have to start at square one anyway for any future annexation.
The council meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.
The next regular meeting will be Monday, December 12 at 7 p.m.

Vote totals
Cottonwood and Ferdinand held city elections last Tuesday, Nov. 8 with uncontested races for all positions.
Unofficial vote totals as posted by the Idaho County Auditor on the county’s website are as follows:
In Cottonwood Denis Duman was re-elected mayor with 37 votes. For the two 4 year council positions Shelli Schumacher was re-elected with 39 votes and Jack Duman was re-elected with 36 votes. Appointee Pat Holthaus had to seek election for the remaining 2 years of his term and received 39 votes.
In Ferdinand Gabriel Riener was re-elected mayor with 18 votes. Judy Forsman and Maria Imhoff were re-elected to 4-year council terms with 20 and 21 votes respectively.
Voter turnout as expected was very light with only uncontested races.
The votes were to be canvassed by the county commissioners on Tuesday to make results official.

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