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It was a short week at the Library with staff taking time off to spend with loved ones and friends.  We are back in business and gearing up for the Christmas season.
We have several books in excellent condition at the library that, for a small donation, could be "re gifted".  Is anyone out there interested in the Star Trek series?  Come in and see what is available as there are too many to list.  For the guys,  James Clavell is an exceptional author and I understand his writings of Japan are excellent reading.  They include Noble House, Whirlwind and Tia-Pan, all hard cover.  There is also a display of both paper back and hard cover by popular authors that would make stocking stuffers.  
Drop in and "shop local" while supporting the Library. 
For our younger patrons, be sure to watch the Chronicle for the coloring contest.  The Library will be participating in that event this year and prizes will be awarded. While dropping off your entry, visit the video section to see what is available, also the display of wonderful Christmas stories for your reading enjoyment. If you gals are looking for something different for the holidays, come in and check out the cook books or craft magazines that are available.  The collection of Ideal magazines could provide very good inspirational or novelty readings for that special presentation.  A reminder, in memory of loved ones, memorials may be made to the Library honoring them. 
Rumors have it that the complimentary Thanksgiving Dinner at The Hang Out was well attended by nearly 100 people allowing a very generous cash donation to be made to the local Food Bank.  How rewarding to know that those less fortunate will be enjoying a Christmas dinner this year that may not have been possible without this most generous act of caring and sharing by The Hang Out employees and friends. Thatís what Thanksgiving is all about!

Book donated to Library
A very gracious friend, Dina Nuxoll, recently visited the Library and donated "The Emigration of 1843", a book written by a relative with ties to the Kirkwood family who lived in Grangeville in the early 1900's. Kirkwood Bar was named for them.  This book will be of interest to those seeking information of the early settlers to this area.  
The Emigration of 1843 was one of the largest wagon trains heading west from Independence MO. to the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  The 2000 mile journey started at the Missouri river across the plains, passed Chimney Rock, along the Snake River, over the Blue Mountains to Oregon City.  
The author, Charlotte Matheny, is five years old when two families, 17 in all, leave their home in Missouri.  With months of planning, selling their home, and packing their belongings into four wagons, herding their cattle and horses, they set out for Oregon. 
She tells of what she recollects about the trip and the early days in Oregon.  They have many encounters with Indian tribes but mostly, the tribes were friendly.  Her brothers carved their names on the face of Chimney Rock.  They milked their cows, morning and night, poured the milk into the butter churn.  Then with the rough ground, the wagon jolting up and down or swinging side to side, by evening, the butter was churned into a ball and the buttermilk was excellent.
In Oregon, they settled down in the Willamette Valley, farming and gardening.  But the Gold Rush of 1849 took her father and brothers to California for a time.  They came back after several months with some of California's gold.  Her father used it to build a large new house on the hill above the river.
She tells of some experiences on the Trail, cattle needing water, all they could find was hot water, lack of food especially when they get into Oregon, winter coming, rain, rain, rain.  The book is an easy book to read, very interesting, giving the reader a picture into life in a covered wagon for six months then living in a one room house fo the winter.
Our appreciation to Jeannie for the review.  For additional information or to purchase the book, contact Dina Nuxoll.

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