Riding Club Awards Banquet held
The 2011 Cottonwood Riding Club Awards Banquet was held Sunday, December 4th. 
We had a great time!  There was delicious food, fun games and wonderful  conversation. Santa Clause even showed up!
We started off the evening with thanking our 2011 Queen Brandee Seubert. The club voted awards went to Most Inspirational Ryan Arnzen, Mary Kate Forsmann, Sydney Glimp, and Mishaela Prado. Most Improved Tanner Schwartz, Ryan Glimp,  and Kaden Schwartz. Sportsmanship Syrinda St. Onge, Lizz Forsmann, and Stephanie Bentley. 
Throughout the year playday and omoksee points are accumulated and three high point placings are awarded in each age group.  This year first place high point receiving a buckle are Paige Pentzer 7-9 age group, Kylie Tidwell 10-12 age group, Kelsey Tidwell 13-16 age group, Makayla Schaeffer 17-39 age group, Teena VonBargen 40 & Better Women, Tad Tidwell 40 & Better Men.  Second Place High Point receiving a coat are Kori Pentzer 7-9 age group Megan Schwartz 10-12 age group Taylor Smith 13-16 age group Kari St. Onge 17-39 age group Bobbi Tidwell 40 and Better Women.  Third place Hi Point receiving a jacket are Kaylee Paige 7-9 age group Kodie Tidwell 10-12 age group Mikayla Riener 13-16 age group Jenny Arnzen 17-39 age group.  Our 6 and under riders receiving a plaque are Jesse St. Onge and Laci Pentzer.  The Laurie Nuxoll Memorial Traveling Trophy is awarded to the person receiving the most points the day of our Omoksee in September.  This year it along with a headstall went to Kelsey Tidwell.  The Verl Chicane Memorial Traveling Trophy is awarded to the person with the most points all year.  This year it along with a headstall went to Teena VonBargen.  We are very thankful to all our sponsors for supporting us and are looking forward to a fun 2012.

Cottonwood Riding Club Traveling Trophy winners are Teena VonBargen, left, and  Kelsey Tidwell.

Cottonwood Riding Club Hi Point winners: L to R Front Kelsey Tidwell.  Middle Megan Schwartz, Mikayla Riener, Kylie Tidwell, Teena VonBargen.  Back Kari St.Onge Jenny Arnzen, Bobbi Tidwell, Kodie Tidwell, Tad Tidwell, MaKayla Schaeffer, Taylor Smith. 

Cottonwood Riding Club Voted award winners: Front L to R.  Syrinda St. Onge, Ryan Arnzen, Kaden Schwartz.  Back L to R Ryan Glimp, Tanner Schwartz, Sydney Glimp.

The Cottonwood Riding Club Six and under winner was Jesse St.Onge. Riding Club photos submitted by Jill VonBargen. 

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