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2012-Another Year.  A moment to reflect.  2011 was a great year for the Library. Everyone was exceptionally generous through various means. Membership, volunteering, attendance, contributions and  supporting the annual Bräts and Brew fund raiser. From the Cottonwood Community Library Board and Staff we extend a most sincere Thank You with appreciation for each of you.  It is because of you that we continue to exist.   May 2012 be as rewarding.
We are especially grateful to all the volunteers who give so generously of their time to keep things running smoothly. 
One little lady has been a special blessing to the library.  She shows up twice a week spending her time purging the worn books or ones that have not been checked out in over 10 years. Then she re-arranges the remaining books according to Title, series etc. The arrangement is looking very good and allowing patrons better access in making a selection.  The only thing that causes her to miss a "day of work" is a grandchild's ball game or fishing. If you have not already guessed, she is Mardel Sonnen, a truly dedicated patron of the library.  Thanks Mardel, we love you. 
Our Saturday volunteer is Jan Schneider who has also been a blessing.  She replaced two very dedicated and dependable young ladies when circumstances caused them to change direction, thus unavailable on Saturdays.  A heartfelt thank you to McKenzie Candalot and Candice Williams for the hours spent at the library.  We wish you success in your endeavors and appreciate your continued use of the library.  
Recently discovered is a series of three books titled "The Eliot Heritage".  1. The Bird in the Tree  2. Pilgrim's Inn and  3. The Heart of the Family. by Author Elizabeth Goudge, an English writer.   It is the culmination of the story of the remarkable Eliot family, spanning four generations. Their lives are intricately woven together in a tale of startling beauty and immense depth. 
She is also the author of such critically acclaimed novels as Green Dolphin Street and The Dean's Watch.  If you are familiar with this author please share your thoughts with us.  If not, perhaps it is time to stop by and check it out.  If there is a special book you would like to see in the library, there is a note book available for you to name the book, author etc.  We will pursue purchasing the book or leasing it from the State resource library.  Suggestions for the betterment of the library are always welcome.  If you are interested in sharing some time at the library please contact us as we will be moving and re-arranging books in the near future under the guidance of experienced librarian Stacie Milliman, another gracious volunteer.
Happy New Year from your friends at the Library.    My You Always Have Health To Spare, Love To Share and Friends That Care.

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