Healthy Horizons success story
St. Mary’s Hospital’s Healthy Horizons program began in October of 2010; Healthy Horizons is a weight management and lifestyle choices program.  In that fifteen month period there have been many success stories, but one story that stands out is that of Jo Ann Hinterlong.Jo Ann Hinterlong weighing in at the first Healthy Horizon’s meeting of 2012
Jo Ann and her husband Jay both suffer from multiple health problems.  Jay has diabetes and Jo Ann has Rheumatoid arthritis.  Jay wanted to join the Healthy Horizon program to help with his diabetes and Jo Ann came along for moral support.   “You need to stick together and help each other out when things aren’t going well,” commented Joann.  “One day I help Jay and then the next he helps me.”
The Hinterlongs have belonged to the program for eleven months and in that time Jo Ann has lost 31 pounds; her goal was 20 pounds and her new goal is to develop better muscle tone and maintain her weight.  
A few of Jo Ann’s tips for losing weight are use a smaller plate, drink lots of water and exercise; she walks on her treadmill 25 minutes every day.  “We eat off a 9 inch plate and when we dish up it looks like we are getting a lot of food.  It really isn’t that hard, you just need to make up your mind you’re going to do it and stick with it,” she said.  “I even lost weight over Thanksgiving and Christmas, I still ate everything I wanted; just smaller portions.”  
Twenty five years ago Jo Ann’s doctor told her she would probably end up in a wheelchair within five years due to her Rheumatoid arthritis.  “That just made me mad and I told him that would never happen,” she said.  “You need to keep a positive outlook on life and keep your spirits up or you are doomed.”
Jo Ann and Jay moved to Cottonwood from California seven years ago; they have one son and one granddaughter who still live in California whom they love to go back and visit.  
Jo Ann’s final words of advice for those trying to lose weight are “One thing you can’t do is cheat, because you’re only hurting yourself if you do.”
The Healthy Horizon classes are held every other Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:30pm in the Cottonwood Clinic; the next class will be on January 25th.  If you have any questions concerning this program please contact with Becky Ewing or Kevin Conger at 962-3251. 

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