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Wow!  What an interesting week at the library.  Mardel continues to "weed" the shelves and put them back in order.  It keeps everyone else busy removing the "weeds" from the computer and taking care of business as usual.  Thursday was especially busy with Chamber luncheon meeting followed in the afternoon with the centennial group.  It was a full house throughout the day and just what we like at the library.
A great big Prairie Thank You to the Uhlorn's for sharing their talents through out the month of December.  It generated many compliments and much enjoyment from library visitors.
This month we will be featuring a little different display in place of the "Artist of the Month".  It will feature collectors items from several different owners with a broad variety of scenes from waterfalls to little girls in pretty pinafore dresses.  All items will be for sale and can be purchased by contacting the owner.
This is a new and different venture so drop in and tell us what you think.  
The Idaho History/Local Author section in the Library is growing and contains some very interesting books.  One patron reported on the book "Review of Ellis Kackley, Best Damn Doctor in the West" by Ellen Carney.  It is a biographical novel based on the life of Ellis Kackley, who came to Soda Springs Idaho in 1898, three days after graduating from medical school at the University of Tennessee.
He rode the train west, leaving his wife, Ida, a school teacher, back home to finish out her school term.  When he had earned enough money to send for her, she moved to Soda Springs to be with him.
The day he arrived in Soda Springs, his first patient was waiting for him.  He had a severe head injury.  Dr. Kackley tried everything he had learned in medical school, but the patient was not to be saved.  With such a poor success rate, the doctor really questioned his decision to become a doctor and why had he moved west?   
Later, Dr. Kackley saw no need to have a car, for a horse could take him wherever he needed to be, but he did buy a car for his wife.  Once when an emergency came up and he asked his wife to drive him where he needed to go, he was very impressed with the speed with which he arrived, but the horse remained his favorite mode of travel. 
He spent his lifetime in Soda Springs where they raised their family.  One son followed in his father's footsteps.
The story is about two dedicated men who put their passion for savings lives and treating the ill and injured first before all else.  It is easy to read and hard to put down.  You will enjoy every minute of it!
Now available in the Library is the book "Two Hands" by Matt Potratz, a local author from Lewiston.  Classified as one of the top professional snowmobile riders in the nation, he defied all odds and survived being buried by an avalanche near McCall.  It is truly a testimonial of his faith and will to live.   You can hear him speak at the Ferdinand Hall, Friday January 27th at 6:30.

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