Summit girls win 2 of 3
Last week’s action for the Summit Patriot girls resulted in two wins and a loss, with the Patriot league record gaining one and losing one, for a current league record of 7 and 2 and a 12 and 4 record overall.
Playing at PHS last Tuesday, the local girls stayed close the entire game, but could not overcome the first quarter 10-6 lead established by Troy, with halftime, 3rd and final scores of 23-28, 35-39 and 43-49 always resulting with the Trojans just a couple of baskets ahead.
Both Troy and Summit nailed 20 shots from the field, one three from the visitors and 8 of 18 free throws converted was just enough to overcome Summit who was just 3 for 7 at the line.
Danica Case with 15, Madison Yockey with 12 and Nicole Knott with 10 did most of the scoring damage for the visitors while Summit stats had Rachael Frei with 2, Nicole Frei with 4, Nicole Wemhoff with 5, Brooke Schumacher with 6 and Savanah Prigge with 26. Prigge also added 19 boards. Rachael Frei had 3, Sarah Chmelik 1, Kayla Schumacher 4, Wemhoff 1 and Brooke Schumacher 2. Wemhoff dished out 7 assists with Chmelik adding 5, Brooke Schumacher 4 and Prigge 2. Chmelik had 2 steals, Kayla Schumacher 1, Wemhoff 2 and Prigge 2 with 1 block. The league loss dropped Summit to 7-2 for the season, the same record reached by the Trojans with the win.
In the 2-quarter preliminary, Summit prevailed by a score of 23-15. Scoring and rebounding is as follows: Rachael Frei 2 and 0, Sarah Chmelik 5 and 6, Megan Seubert 2 and 4, Rachel Uhlenkott 8 and 1 and Megan Rehder 6 and 4.
Traveling to Highland Thursday, the Patriots picked up their 11th win of the year, downing the Timberline Spartans in a competitive matchup 51 to 38. Quarter scores were 15-15, 31-22 and 39-32. This nearly matched their 43-34 league win over the Spartans early in the year.
Scoring, rebounding, assists and steals for the Patriots: Rachael Frei 0, 1, 0, 0; Nicole Frei 5, 5, 1, 4; Kayla Schumacher 3, 6, 2, 3; Wemhoff 3, 2, 5, 3; Brooke Schumacher 11, 6, 2, 0; and Prigge 19, 9, 2, 1.
In the preliminary, the Patriots ran all over the Spartans in two quarters 32-6, with scores and rebounds showing Kayla Duclos 0 and 3, Chmelik 12 and 8, Kayla Schumacher 3 and 2 with 6 assists in 1 quarter, Seubert 9 and 4 and Rehder 0 and 1.
AT PHS Friday, Summit pulled off its second big upset of the year, taking down the #1 Lapwai Wildcats 45-34, with quarter scores of 13-4, 23-16 and 28-22.
Lapwai was missing their top scorer, Natahnee Spencer, Celilo Miles led the scoring with 12 with Erin Ramsey adding 8 and Cyra Cunningham 7. Summit scoring and rebounding was as follows: Rachael Frei 8 and 2, Nicole Frei 4 and 3, Chmelik 6 and 5, Kayla Schumacher 2 and 3, Wemhoff 2 and 2, Brooke Schumacher 13 and 9, and Prigge 10 and 11. Wemhoff had 6 assists, Brooke Schumacher 3 and Prigge 2 while Brooke Schumacher had 4 steals, Wemhoff 3 and Prigge 1 with 3 blocks led the defensive effort.
In the preliminary Rehder with 14, Chmelik with 8, Kayla Schumacher and Seubert with 6 each and Uhlenkott with 2 led the 36-4 victory over the young Wildcats, raising the Summit JV record to 11 and 3.

Summit boys lose twice
The Summit Patriots played two very competitive first halves this past week, but weakened after the half to drop two more White Pine League games, Thursday to CV in the second game of a girl-boy doubleheader, then experienced much the same results away at Deary on Saturday afternoon.
Taking the floor at Nezperce Thursday after the Summit girls defeated Timberline, the boys fell back 7-12 at the quarter break, a bit more to 19-30 at the half, more still to 30-49 after 3 quarters, then finally closed at 41-64 against the CV Rams, last year’s Division 1 state champions.
Stormy Wyman with 20 and Jake Squires with 16 did most of the damage to the Summit cause, while scoring and rebounding stats for Summit showed the following: Dan Wemhoff 3 and 2, Derek Nuxoll 7 and 10, Josh Lustig 0 and 3, Shane Stubbers 4 and 2, David Waters 8 and 7, Michael Waters 6 and 4, Austin Chmelik 5 and 2 and Matthew Schwartz 8 and 0. Chmelik led the assist effort with 7, Nuxoll, Michael Waters and Stubbers added 2 each, and Wemhoff, Lustig, David Waters and Schwartz each added one Chmelik and Nuxoll each had a block and two steals to lead that department, while Schwartz added 2 steals and one each was credited to Wemhoff, David Waters and Michael Waters. The Patriots shot 34% from the field including a 3 by Wemhoff and two by Schwartz. Foul shooting was down for the Patriots durng the game, with only 2 of 7 falling in that category.
Saturday at Deary was a bit more of the same, as Summit stayed with the taller Mustangs during the first half, ahead 15 to 14 at the quarter mark then dropping back to 21-25 at the half. The third quarter proved to be a disaster however as the host team pulled away with an 18 to 5 outburst, then continued to pour it on in the final quarter to end up on top 65 to 42.
Nine Mustangs made the scoring column with 6’9” Nathan Rathbun doing the most damage with 19, assisted by 11 from Ryan Bailey. Scoring for the Patriots was Wemhoff with 6 points on two treys in three attempts, Nuxoll with 7 points including one trey, Lustig with 2, Stubbers with 3, Chmelik with 12 including one three, David Waters with 3 from one successful 3 converted, Michael Waters 3 and Schwartz 6. 
Shooting  was off for the Patriots with only 14 of 49 shots finding paydirt for the evening. Rebound and assist stats for the Patriots: Wemhoff 1 and 1, Nuxoll 4 and 0 with 2 steals and a block, Stubbers 3 boards, Lustig 2 and 1, Chmelik 7 and 2 with one steal and a block, David Waters 3 rebounds, plying limited time because of an injury, Michael Waters 2 rebounds and Schwartz 2 and 1 with 2 steals.
The two losses dropped the Summit record to 2 and 5 overall and 0 and 4 in league.
Upcoming games for the Patriots include a league boys game at Timberline on Friday, then Saturday the boys play Logos of Moscow at Highland at 4:30 followed by a girls league matchup with Highland. The Highland action for the girls will be followed the following week by their only two remaining games, a league matchup with Prairie on Tuesday and then a non-league game at home at PHS on Friday.

There are some changes to the schedules noted in italics below
JV at 6 p.m. varsity to follow unless otherwise indicated
21-Highland, there
24-Prairie, there, JV girls at 5:00, V at 7:30
27-vs Nezperce at PHS (Senior Night)

Varsity only. Games to start at 7:30 p.m. unless indicated
20-Timberline, there
21-vs. Logos at Highland, 4:30
23-Lapwai, there
24-vs. Timberline at PHS, 6:00
26-Troy, there
28-vs. Highland at PHS
31-Nezperce, there
  2-Grangeville, there
  4-vs. Potlatch at Auxiliary Gym (Senior Night)
  7-Prairie, there
  9-Salmon River, there, 6:30 PST
11-Grangeville, there, 6:00 p.m.

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