Prairie ROCKS update
The first Prairie ROCKS speaker of the New Year was Patti Watson.  Patti described events from her life that prompted her to make the decision to reject the Catholic faith.  Eventually she felt drawn back to attend mass and was greeted by a very loving campus priest who gave her the courage and support she needed to make a good confession.  Later, a Catholic friend made comments that made her mad, yet challenged her to think about her faith.  Patti learned that these things that made her angry were the very things she needed to hear, because they pricked her conscience.  She made an intellectual decision to know the faith and a spiritual hunger surfaced.  She loves to read and was so captivated by her new found faith that she would read an entire book about Catholicism in one sitting.  
Patti encouraged the students to make their faith their own and to take it upon themselves to get all their faith questions answered.
On Tuesday, Joe Biltz joined our Prairie ROCKS class.  Joe described several events in his life when he knew God was at work and helping and inspiring him.  He also told us about circumstances in his life when things weren’t going as he had planned. He could have questioned, “God, why are you doing this to me?”  Instead, Joe’s deep faith prompts him to ask, “Lord, what do you want?  How can I collaborate with you in this situation?”  Joe shared a very simple, yet wise thought for the students to ponder:  Life is not so much about what we do for God---it is about who we are and what we become and how we allow God to work in us.
Next Monday, Kevin Rehder will join our class.  All community members are welcome to attend at 8:20 or 9:20 at the High School PEACE Building.

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