Museum seeks volunteers
The Historical Museum of St. Gertrude’s is undertaking a large task of cataloging, tagging and entering data on the computer for all the artifacts in their museum. If anyone would like to volunteer time to assist us on this project, we will gladly welcome you into our "home of the past."  Since we probably have 60,000 items in our possession, it is slow progress, but it is also exciting to open each box and see what treasures lie within.  Each item receives an accession number, then photographed, tagged, wrapped in archival paper, placed in an archival box and put on a designated shelf, or put on display.  All this information is then entered into the computer for future reference and easy accessibility. Changing out our display cases would be much more convenient knowing what items we have to work with.  The visitors to the museum would be able to view new artifacts more often.  
There are no qualifications or requirements for the volunteer job, just a thirst for history and maybe a personal fulfillment or community service project.  Any hours or skill would be most appreciated.  For questions or information please call Sr. Wendy (208-962-2052) or Shirley (208-962-2053).  Thank you in advance, we will appreciate you.

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