Prairie ROCKS update
Prairie ROCKS (Real Outside Catholic Knowledge & Studies) continues to reach our high school Prairie Faith Formation Program students by inviting community members to join us during class time to share their faith story with the students.  Our most recent visitor was Kevin Rehder.  He told our class that his faith journey has been steady and constant.  Kevin mentioned that gratitude is a huge part of his faith life.  Gratitude leads to optimism and joy.  He encouraged the students to be joyful in their faith and to know it.  His advice is to learn a little bit more about the faith everyday.
Kevin described God as a teacher with the ultimate lesson plan.  The lesson plan includes the Ten Commandments, sacraments, prayer, scripture and great friendships.  The objective in this lesson plan: Eternity!
Our class heeded Kevinís advice in our next class time by preparing for mass by reading and reflecting on Sundayís gospel (Mark 1: 21-28).  We also each wrote a list of the things we are grateful for in our own lives.

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