Changes to Chamber Bucks program
The Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce will be handling Chamber Bucks in a different way beginning February 1.
Carol Altman at City hall has graciously offered to handle the buying and selling of the Cottonwood Chamber Bucks.
The Chamber in no way wants to discourage the use of the Chamber Bucks but are no longer able to handle them the way we have in the past. 
Any merchant receiving Chamber Bucks can redeem them with Carol at City Hall and she in turn will give you a check from the Chamber payable to your business. We do ask that you try to accumulate up to $100 before redeeming them but if you only receive a few of these then by all means redeem them as you please. 
If you should have any questions, please call Dar Forsmann at 96203204 or 962-3980. Thank you to all the business for your cooperation with the Chamber Bucks. We want to continue to encourage local spending throughout the community.

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